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    falling-in-love tei.png

    Len better run.
  2. Kazumimi

    Onion-P ft. Sukone Tei - Thin Edge Inserted (Original)

    I was yesterday years old when I found out that the song’s name can be abbreviated as TEI.
  3. Kazumimi

    Sakanoshin ft. Sukone Tei - Diving Within a Dream

    A pretty song with a pretty instrumental and lovely vocals. <3 Edit: the song is no longer available on Nico, but luckily there’s a reupload on Bili! (Requires NND account to view.) [/s]
  4. Kazumimi

    Onion-P ft. Sukone Tei - 13km

    I just realized there's a section for sharing UTAU originals. Now there's nothing to stop me from sharing amazing UTAU (more like Tei) originals! I think this is a very cute and sweet love song. I think it was either Tei's first or second original, so there's a bit of UTAU history for you...
  5. Kazumimi

    Sukone Tei Fanclub

    .:Welcome to the Tei Fanclub!:. A club dedicated to the Vippaloid, Sukone Tei! :sukonetei_smile_lili: .:Featured Cover:. .:Notable Originals:. .:Featured Original:. .:Featured Fanart:.
  6. Kazumimi

    The Snow White Princess is... - Sukone Tei (cover + MMD)

    Hiya! I felt like sharing my take on the Snow White Princess is! This is by far my most favorite cover I've done, and I really enjoyed making the MMD for it, too. I had to re-render both the MMD and the vocals multiple times, but it was worth it! Hope you all enjoy listening to the cover just...
  7. Kazumimi

    (Vocaloid/UTAU fanfic) More Than What She Seems

    Hi! I just wanted to share a fanfic I've been working on. It's mainly about Sukone Tei, but the Cryptonloids and the other Vipperloids play various roles as well. It has ~3 chapters that I've uploaded so far (I've written more, but I'm only updating weekly) and I'm quite proud of it. There's...
  8. Mei-Saime

    [健音テイ] Blood-Stained Switch [UTAUカバー]

    "The Patient's condition has gotten worse..." Finally finished this! Fully tuned and I love me some Tei. I also just realized that her Anniversary is coming up so I'll be ready. ^^ Probably ^^;; UST: moonstr4 Editing/Tuning/Mix: Me Song: AkunoP/Mothy feat. MAYU 健音テイ (C) VIPPALOID/ミナツキトーカ