1. poser

    VSQ Poser's UST/midi lab (taking suggestions)

    [feel free to move this thread if its in the wrong cat] basically where i'll post my untuned wip usts or other usts that i may have not released yet to things like soundcloud and youtube. also maybe sneak peeks? idk ill just throw whatever here ^_^ SUGGESTIONS are : Open! 1. Alternate - IO+...
  2. pikoz

    Neutrino wont play song

    Helloo! I'm having an issue with Neutrino. I put in both the voicebank and the musicxml file in the notepad thingy correctly, but Nakumo still wont sing the song and I don't know how to fix it :[ (i know Nakumo works btw! he sang the sample1 song before i switched it to something else)
  3. jasmin00

    (Finnish UTAU cover PV) : July ft. Aino Erufu & Krisutau + UST

    It's rare to see a Finnish UTAU cover....and especially with a full Krispy and I decided to make one! with our UTAUs Aino Erufu and Krisutau :D This also works as a Voicebank reveal for Aino...cuz this vb is her new Finnish Pika-Suomi voicebank! The song is about summer, love and July...
  4. Kazumimi

    Resource VSQx Making for Tone-deaf People

    By Sockaloid (This works for any synth, really, but I can only choose one category to put this in akfjdkdhdkd)
  5. MystSaphyr

    VSQ/UST/ETC. Myst's UST & Off-Vocal Collection

    Latest Update Up to date as of Jan 28, 2020 Terms of Use Credit the original producer of the below songs. Producers are listed in READMEs. Credit MystSaphyr for the below files. If file contains other credits (editors, lyricists, etc.) please include them as well. Do not redistribute these...
  6. Kazumimi

    VSQ/UST/MIDI/etc. Request Thread

    I came up with this idea after finding a similar thread on utaforum! I noticed there's no threads like this, but thought it'd be a good idea to have a thread where people can ask for a certain song to be made into VSQ/etc.. It would work something like this: say what song you want done...
  7. ThatGirlMyra

    UST Issues

    Hi guys, total newb to UTAU here. I've downloaded a lot of USTs and recently tried two on two different UTAUs. The first one was Something Just Like this and I used it on Fushi Murasaki CYAN and loaded it up and all only to find out she doesn't pronounce half the syllables I load Athena for...
  8. Mei-Saime

    VSQ/UST/ETC. ヤツメ穴UST

    I've made an UST for the song ヤツメ穴. It contains both CV and VCV versions of the parts. Please read the readme before using. pass: yamahole
  9. PigeonP

    VSQ Pigeon's blank slate VSQ downloads

    Yo! I'm collecting all my blank VSQ so that other people can use them for covers!! You can make requests too! The website! You can download the files by pressing on the google drive/mediafire button. The original song will open in a new tab if you press the artwork, and all the buttons lead to...
  10. kurgy


    hello, i was wondering, is it possible to convert json files (from synthV) to ust or vsq(x) files? or is it possible to use a json file type in the utau or vocaloid program? theres a lovely song i wish to cover, but its a synthV song and the creator only has a json file type, any help?