vocaloid 3

  1. F

    [Vocaloid/SeeU/Original] Neon Light Street

    Hello, my name is Ferrum making music in Korea! I'm making a variety of music, including OC Music, Touhou, and Vocaloid music. I'm sorry that the lyrics are in Korean because I'm doing music in Korea! Using SeeU (VOCALOID3)
  2. Talha_Vocoding

    Vocaloid 3 and 2 voicebanks on vocaloid 5?

    I own a lot of vocaloid 3 and vocaloid 2 banks and i have not been using vocaloid 3 for a long time and i just can't work with vocaloid 3, I downloaded vocaloid 5 and i have been using it with vocaloid 5 banks but it doesn't show vocaloid 3 banks? I downloaded an V2-libraries preactivated for V3...
  3. K

    Help with vqsx

    Hi! I'm having trouble loading vqsx's into piapro and Vocaloid 3. I'm using KAITO V3 and I'm not sure why I can get some to load and not others. If I load it using Vocaloid 3, it gives me an error. If I try it with piaro it crashes the entire program and I have to restart my computer. Plz help!
  4. K

    Help with Piapro

    Hi! I'm having trouble with Piapro Studio. The lyric bar in the lyric editor won't show up. Plz help, I've tried everything I can think of.
  5. StrawberryDemon

    Do you prefer v4 or v3 flower

    I personally like v4 :flower_smile_lili:
  6. MaybeGrimm

    Question What Vocaloid should I buy as first?

    Hi! I've found some threads here asking something similar, but I have a quite specific idea so decided to write a new one! I'm totally new in Vocaloid and what I want to do first is make covers to other languages, just to start practicing, and then jumping into making songs (in English) when I...
  7. stormtheabsol

    Question I'm trying to convert a MIDI to a VSQ and I presume I will have to write in the syllables manually. But I don't know hiragana. What should I do?

    Okay, so the problem concerning this question is a somewhat convoluted one. Recently a new Vocaloid song came out that many people are doing covers of and I want to cover it with Vocaloid 3. However, as Vocaloid 4 is more recent and the one that people generally make new covers with nowadays...
  8. Kazumimi

    Resource Vocaloid 3 Pitch Helper Plugin

    RoboCheatsyTM submitted a new resource: Vocaloid 3 Pitch Helper Plugin - A pitch editor plugin for Vocaloid 3. Read more about this resource...
  9. Kazumimi

    Resource Vocaloid 3 Pitch Helper Plugin

    I'm sharing a hard to find pitch editor plugin. I'm not for sure what exactly it does as I can't use it myself because I only have Piapro. This is my backup of the plugin, and I'll replace the dl link if I can actually find the original dl. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE OR ISSUES THIS...
  10. SeleDreams

    Tutorial Installing and using Piapro Studio and Vocaloid on Linux

    Hi. I'm SeleDreams. I've started making original music using VOCALOID a while ago, and since I moved to Linux, I didn't really have a native option to use the voicebanks I paid for. Thankfully there are multiple ways to work around it. The one I am going to teach in this tutorial is my favorite...