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  1. Infoholic

    Other Chorical x Techno-Speech, New Singing Voicebank Coming 2024

    In case you missed it, Chorical and Techno-Speech are partnering to produce a singing voicebank coming out this year! The first teaser has been published to Chorical's Twitter, YouTube, and BiliBili pages. More information will be rolled out soon, and don't expect any dry spells with this...
  2. YOYo_MAMA

    Other Voisona Talk soon to be released!!

    So this just appeared on the official twitter page. Warning: translated using google translate, native speakers or anyone who knows Japanese more is very much welcomed. Voisona is going to make a talk version of it's software. From the tweet, there will be a free voice with the software, like...
  3. YOYo_MAMA

    Other Upcoming Male Voisona Bank MYK-IV

    Just 10 minutes before this post, Technospeech have announced a new male bank for Voisona. Meet MYK-IV, voiced by Maiki More details are on their website. AI歌唱ソフト「VoiSona」新規ボイスライブラリ、「MYK-IV(CV:マイキ)」2023年7月13日発売決定!キャラクタービジュアル&音声サンプル解禁! Here's a quick sample of Maiki covering the Oshi no...
  4. YOYo_MAMA

    Other #kzn in Voisona

    #kzn will now be available on Voisona. And like Sasara, those who already have kzn will be able to use her for free in Voisona for a year.
  5. YOYo_MAMA

    YOYo_MAMA's Cover practice collection

    So, this took me like a couple of days since I had to adjust the midi file to the right words. This is mainly to test out Chis-A english. She is literally my first English bank and I have no idea how to mix. I did some tweaks here and little pitch editing except to remove her automatic breath...