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  • After a very stressful and busy week. I finally get some personal time on my computer that does NOT involve work. God, it feels good to be back.
    Personally, I avoid any social media and forums when I work to get more done. Deadlines are the worst.
    Just heard recently that Crypton is developing their own software for their vocaloid rendering. On a business stand-point and for the Users, Is this a smart move by Crypton? How will this affect Yamaha since the vocaloid software is technically monopolized by that company? Yamaha may develop the software but it's Crypton that made it big.
    I may be a vocaloid fan for years but I admit due to financial reasons (i'm too poor to buy the software) I don't fully
    understand the whole marketing of vocaloids cause it's very much fan-driven.

    I mean, 1st Place branched out to CEVIO. SythV also exist but it's not really as popular as the "big-shot" Yamaha.
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    Basically, Crypton doesn't need Yamaha. They own some of the most popular Vocaloids ever created, and have branched them out to be virtual singers (selling merch, concerts, games, experiences like Snow Miku, collabs with companies to sell products), not just software.

    Vocaloid has been "dying" ever since the end of V4, with each release being less and less popular. When V5 came out, it caused problems for fans, because it's extremely expensive to get started. (You HAVE to buy Yamaha's starter vocals, which costs $225. You have to buy all 4 of them even if you hate them in order to get the V5 Editor itself (it's not sold separately). So let's say you want to buy Tianyi, it would cost $225 + $118 to get her. V5 is also hard to run on older computers.) Another point is that the latest Vocaloids that actually succeeded ALSO had talk voices (ex: Akari and the Meikas) due to VTubers and Let's Plays being more and more popular.

    Crypton has always been conscious of peoples' wallets by providing them with an editor (Piapro) and even a DAW (Studio One). The upcoming Piapro will also have talkloid capabilities (Cherry Pie).

    In the past, Crypton had problems with Yamaha's policies and the cost. They couldn't provide an update when the Kagamines came out, they had to make a completely new version (Act 2). With the new Piapro, they will be able to provide updates whenever needed. It's also rumored to cost $10,000 per voice bank, that's why Crypton had made EVEC to kind of cheat the system. If Crypton owns their own engine and can make their own rules, they can literally do whatever they want with the voice banks for Cryptonloids. They will probably even be able to make new Cryptonloids without it costing them tons of money. Yamaha doesn't listen to fan complaints and is set in their ways, but Crypton is more willing to please fans and willing to be innovative with technology.

    Lastly, people who know people who work for Yamaha said the Vocaloid department got shrunk. So I feel like V5 was them squeezing the last chunk of money out of unsuspecting fans.

    Edit: Also, you can't really compare Synth V and CeVIO to the level of popularity Crypton has. Synth V has only been out for 1 year and are a start-up company. CeVIO will probably gain more popularity when their deep learning engine update comes out. Crypton is aiming the new update at VTubers who want to use the Cherry Pie voice changer, so in addition to song producers, they will have YouTubers buying their product.
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