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  • Is there a thread completely dedicated to posts like these? Nothing serious just people having fun cause I'm sick of this fickle drama on the community right now.
    Call me insane but I'm seeing weird parallels to 1st Place direction with IA, ONE and Hippy being Aliens who are sent to earth to help it, and David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust, his on-stage persona for his album, who is an Alien meant to help earth, but fails when he let his fame went to his head. Plus David Bowie is also famous for his glam-rock themed outfits.
    Either this is completely coincidental since Aliens are a common trope, or 1st Place producers are fans of British rock and David Bowie. I bet on my non-existed vocaloid collection that next year they will announce the Deer guy as space anime John Lennon and Lion guy as space anime Paul McCartney
    After experiencing the impatience of Game releases and rushed results, I would still rather wait for another 2 years than a rushed piece full of glitches and bugs.

    Currently I'm practicing my patience on the Hollow Knight "sequel" Silksong. Love the first game to bits.
    Found this hidden gem of a Cevio-user in twitter and I am super impressed of how he uses ONE. Don't let the MS paint art fool you this guy have skills. He is on par with the guy who made the Roku and Unknown mother goose ONE covers that was made to a MMD Video by Kreifish.
    AHS is really working overtime with the AI banks cause Maki have both Synthesizer V AND Cevio AI banks now... In the Japanese And ENGLISH language. She's bisoftware and bilingual now.
    Let's see, there's Rikka in AI,Kiritan in AI.
    What's next? Akari in AI?
    Yukari's Cevio design was revealed. And it's kind of a mix bag, like it's trying to be formal and elegant with the dress, shawl and gloves, but later took a turn to try and be spunky & modern, with the headphones and dark color pallete. It's just my thoughts but it may look better if the pallete is more lighter with small black accents, not making black the main color.
    At least the new demo is more refined than nice breathes compared to what they released before, and the Vidol is showing alot of opportunities.
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    Wish theyd try keeping the more casual look her Voiceroid/Vocaloid has, I'd argue that's what made her design initially so appealing.
    After listening to some of IA"s "pray for real" songs. 1st Place is really try cater to the mainstream western genre, e.g. hiphop, modern, rap and mixing english with japanese, than the usual vocaloid songs. it does not help that the composers and lyricist are "professionals" outside the vocaloid community who don't really use the standard vocaloid song style.
    I don't hate it, modern hiphop style is common in other songs like Giga, his work Ready Steady is using a K-pop like beat.
    I like it well enough not to complain about it, The direction will take some getting use to since I'm so used to vocaloid songs being it's own niche outside the mainstream, it's practically it's own genre. The songs can be sung by another human singer like Reol and I won't be surprised, but a vocaloid will have me taken back. I'll admit there are some ranges that can only work well by a human than a vocal synthesizer. I like "DIAMANTE" song the most since it show's IA's range in different style, soft japanese, singing in english and rapping, that one high note is annoying but then I remember I listen to Rolling girl, who have a higher range. I really wish that they credit the tuner, cause making IA rap in english smoothly and well enough that you can understand the words is very difficult and takes so much skill.

    There are complains that this direction of music is butchering IA's brand image, like trying to pander to the mainstream audience than trying to be consistent with IA"s mysterious aura.
    It doesn't help that
    a) the rap sounds like it comes from a different song than the rest of the song
    b) it's hilariously obvious the banks are different.
    i cant get over songs that use both banks because theyre worlds different,,,, i hate the contrast SO much. im really not a fan of this voicebanks being split up on different engines thing
    Cevio AI Yukari demo was recently released, Now to wait for vflower, (cflower??) IA & ONE demos...

    Cmon Cevio, 1st place & Gynoid, don't make me wait for this pandemic to end before you release something
    I don't understand any of this, but the expressions are really funny enough I can understand the plot, sort of.

    I'l starting to get the feeling one of the reason's KAMITSUBAKI (KAF'S company) is investing on making a synth based on Kaf's voice, is that anytime Kaf may go on hiatus or quit for reasons like go to college after her contract is finished, (she's still a teenager). They have a synth version of Kaf on hand with her consent they can still sell, the same way IA is Lia's "legacy" and was developed cause Lia was giving birth at the time, or how Gumi is Megumi's legacy. But Megumi actually allows the final VB to sound almost exactly like her and not a pitched chipmunk. Of course KAF still gets the final say on how the VB will sound in the end but that's another *huge* can of worms.
    (How the KAFU mess goes in my head)

    CEVIO: Please invest in this new tech we spend 3 years to develop, and also cost us a fortune to fund, it makes you sound less muffly, less high-pitched and exactly like the real thing! Just listen to this demo...

    KAFU's Company: Cool...

    -After the VB was developed-

    KAFU'S Company: Please change it.

    Cevio: Why?

    KAFU'S Company: It sounds like the real thing. Try making it a bit more muffled and higher-pitch, like Hatsune Miku to be more safe.

    This is a really weird PV, besides looking like it was hand-drawn by a 5 year old, it's really more... Meme-y. I'm surprised the tuning is surprisingly done well, it's a stark contrast to how weirder and weirder the depiction of IA gets as the song goes.

    After or 8 years of being a Vocaloid fan and listening to high pitched, ear-grating pre-recoded computerised vocals. I have decided to take a hand at the tuning myself.
    Actually it's just the web-version of Synth V since it's free online.
    It's a start though, all I did was play around, made Saki sing La La la, experiment with the parameters and getting the whole feel of it.

    Admit it, We all once called IA "I.A." like saying the letters I and A, some point in our lives. And first called ONE, literally the number 1.

    I can't tell if this a prime example of good Tuning or they just layered the original singers during the slow parts.

    But seriously go watch "My next life as a Villainess". I don't really enjoy isekai shows with the exeption for .hack//root, and that came out years ago, much less romance otome and harem . But I recently binge watched this gem until the recent episode last week. It's really fun, especially the chaotic Antagonist-turned-Protagonist aka the Black Hole "Bakarina".

    Still waiting for IA to cover the Kaguya-sama op. I find it fitting since the mangaka, Akasaka Aka, designed her. IA was even referenced in the manga.
    Do anyone remember the dungeon crawler game Demon Gaze? I actually didn't play it since I don't have PSP. I just realized after scanning Youtube videos that many of the ost actually have IA singing.
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