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  • Do anyone have any recommended free DAW software that is compatible with Voisona? Studio One is too pricey and for budget reasons, I'm limited to only the free downloadable versions.
    I have LMMS installed because it comes with chiptune instruments, but I originally found it because it's free and has plug-in compatibility (back before I had Studio One).
    LMMS was my very first DAW! It’s definitely worth checking out. Reaper’s got an infinite free trial too, and that’s what I use now. Thankfully there’s no shortage of options!

    Here’s a more comprehensive list I’ve found, though you’ll need to double-check which ones are plugin-compatible.
    I’ve heard some good things about Cakewalk and it is free now. (I guess it was a paid product at some point) BandLab: Make Music Online
    First heard of Cevio when I was a freshman in college, when there was only Sasara, Tsudumi and Takahashi. Though that the company will go bankrupt in a few years since Yamaha's Vocaloid product is already there.
    Now I have a job, Cevio is still alive, one of the more demanded vocal synth products and pretty much help start the AI-trend.
    So Kirune and Aisuu have a free 1-month use. Great! If only I have a credit card
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    If you have any gift cards laying around, you can use that! I’ve used that trick on plenty of sites. It registers as a legit card but for obvious reasons never risks charging you.
    Recently a JP website did a poll on who is the public's most favorite Cevio bank. And Takahashi won first, followed by Rikka, Sasara and IA. I'm wondering why KAFU is not voted higher since she have the most views on Nico nico and Youtube.
    To anyone who plays Overwatch 2 AND have the Cevio AI Talk software installed. Can you see if you can switch the TTS function to Cevio AI? I've been reading some posts that it is being utilized in the game but it's not really confirmed yet.
    I feel like INE is the spiritual successor of Orangestar of this one very specific tuning-style of IA. Another one I would say is Guiano. They have a way of making her sound, pitchy and nasally, but at the same time not Miku-levels of high pitched. Combined with the music its very charming and catchy. Like somewhere in the uncanny valley of not being too realistic, but also not too robotic that you can't hear it from an actual human singing.
    I feel like I am really behind on the current Vocal synth crack memes. All I know are the old vocaloid-era ones like the whole Character items and joke song. Anyone want to share the latest memes? It was just now after Takahashi's AI announcement that I knew that his running gag of being a flat "Paper man" was around since 2014.
    Takahashi's status as the Cevio gag man is really so well known, other companies are aware of it. Chifuyu's official twitter called him the Cevio thin man. Right now, Takashi is trending in JP twitter.
    I really like how KZN's name when you open the software is just #kzn. With a hashtag on the front. Is this pronouced as "Kizuna" or like you say the actual symbol as "Hashtag kizuna".
    For other's it's a full on name with Characters, but for Ai Kizuna's Cevio counterpart, it looks like a username in twitter. Really drives the techno cyber theme of her. Though I'm afraid the next bank will start adding special symbols on their names to løøk ⓁiKε ⍑hi$. Or take it a step further and add emoticons to the official name too ¯\_( ͠❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)_/¯

    Edit: I don't have her BTW, I saw it on twitter when people who bought her started posting screenshots of the UI.
    Do you think there will be a new Vocal Synth Music & Art Movement with the advancement of technology in VB creation? Especially since now that Youtube musicians and other music related companies are jumping in the new Vsynth trend? I also noticed that the VB character is now more closely tied to their respective Voice provider with a relationship that is more similar to a daughter/younger sibling.
    Bang Dream x Cevio AI Collaboration!!
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