【KAITO V3】 The Day I Die 【VOCALOID Cover】


AKA missy20201 (Elliot)
Apr 8, 2018
Hi all!! It's Kaito weekend :D
I meant to do a V1 cover too but university shot me in the foot on that one

I thought this would be a funny/ironic(?) song to upload on Valentine's day asldkfa;sdj

Credits in the video! It should be noted that the VSQx was made by Satinengel, and the PIT was mostly already done by Sharkie-P. I only edited that a bit. Then all the changes to the other parameters, note bending, and phoneme edits, were me. Kaito ENG takes a lot of tweaks to sound... euhhh normal? But he's not bad. I enjoy him in his optimal range, at any rate :kaito_ani_lili:
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