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  • In regards to the claim of "YuYao's TOS isn't any more restrictive/is even LESS restrictive than Crypton's," we've been doing some research, because I'm all here for vsynth drama but I wanna make sure I'm getting the facts straight first. The thing is, it's just... not true? Crypton has several pages' worth of Do's and Don'ts for works involving their characters, most of which is standard (No excessive violence, no morally disgusting content, etc.), but those rules only extend to the characters. Their TOS is for character licenses only; the sources getting shared around to prove Crypton's equal strictness are in reference to the characters exclusively. YuYao's TOS extends to her software. It's not just that you can't depict her, as a character, doing anything of "questionable moral integrity," you can't make her sing about any of it either. Add to that the fact that you have to send any songs you plan to use her in commercially to Voicemith for direct approval, one by one... no, her restrictions are nothing compared to most synths.

    I'm not saying those aren't valid TOS - YuYao AI's much more faithful to Yi Ming than the Cryptonloids are to their VPs, and it's valid to want to monitor content used with her voice for her comfort and peace of mind. But people still have a right to think it's too much, and ultimately not worth the cost of purchasing her or the effort of working within those guidelines.
    My dad won front-row tickets to a Predators game alongside some coworkers while on a business trip this week, and the pictures and videos have reminded me that I actually LOVE going to sporting events. I couldn’t care less about sports on TV, and I don’t follow any teams, but being there and getting caught up in the excitement… it’s just so much fun. So there’s talks of us going down to visit my brother and catching a hockey game, because he’s about an hour from Dallas, so I’m hoping that pans out~
    Patuk has taken to indiscriminately alternating between masculine and feminine terms for me. I’m still nervous talking about gender-related things for fear of being overbearing. I never asked her to do that. She just started doing it. Every so often she’ll call me her boyfriend and I’m just like “!!! Yes! I am! I’m your boyfriend!” And then next thing I know she’s calling me her girlfriend, and I’m like “!!! Yes! I am! I’m your girlfriend!”

    Asking for support has always been hard for me, and even after nearly three years together, I worry instinctively about imposing. When I can’t make strides of my own, she always meets me where I am.

    I don’t know how I got this lucky, but I thank God every day, because I’m a thoroughly happy peach.
    tfw the smell of California is inside of you

    File under “Covers that have under 1k views that deserve way, way, WAY more.” This might be my favorite Gumi English cover now.

    Ah, I’m really happy! I’ve come to realize that I’ve fallen in love with SynthV again. I’ve rediscovered a passion for working in it and I’m genuinely interested in expanding my arsenal of vocals. It’s such a good feeling.

    The, uh, the fandom still sucks (and I’m talking about the “SYNTHV IS SUPERIOR ALL ELSE SUCKS REALISM IS THE ONLY FACTOR OF A GOOD SYNTH AND I REFUSE TO FAMILIARIZE MYSELF WITH ANYTHING ELSE”-adjacent fandom, not people who authentically love SynthV in general), but separating the two has become so much easier. I won’t let a toxic vocal minority taint my enjoyment any longer!
    Are there, by any chance, any masculine SynthV vocals with Lite versions? I neeeeeed more mid-range masc vocals and having renders done just... doesn't do it for me, not like working with a vocal hands-on.
    Ah, I miss Haiyi. I miss the days Quadimension was new and promising, ATDan hadn't outed himself as a creep and all of Haiyi's official fan art wasn't just her in increasingly skimpy outfits and suggestive poses, and I felt pure, unrestrained passion for one vocal. Everything felt a lot simpler then.

    Hhhhhhhh sad peach.
    This is Day 2 of fulfilling a long-time dream: gathering as many international dubs of the KFP series as possible. The goal's to eventually distribute them on some of the more accessible movie platforms! But for now, I feel like a dragon with an ever-growing hoard, and it's a very, very nice feeling.

    I'm starting with 2, and so far I have the following dubs:
    • English
    • Latin American Spanish
    • German
    • French
    • Italian
    • Slovak
    • Czech
    • Polish
    • Estonian
    • Lithuanian
    • Latvian
    • Standard Mandarin
    • Taiwanese Mandarin
    • Korean
    • Russian
    • Ukranian
    • Romanian
    • Bulgarian
    • Thai
    • Vietnamese
    • Tamil
    • Tegulu
    • Georgian (well, it's downloading now, and it's obnoxiously slow...)
    So I'd say it's going well so far!
    The Georgian and Vietnamese dubs are both voiceovers rather than proper dubs; there's someone translating the lines in real time over the original English audio. There's a single woman doing all the lines in the Vietnamese dub, but the Georgian dub has both a man and a woman.

    The Georgian dub's especially fun, because the dubbers are actually trying. The woman keeps trying to give Tigress a voice deeper than her own voice can actually go, making her sound like she has a cold, and then she uses this very breathy falsetto for Viper's lines. It's honestly beautiful.
    Nabbed Castilian, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, and Greek as well before calling it quits for the time being! This has been a pleasantly productive night.
    Kirune cover going up at noon CT! Hoping it's slightly less of a failure than my last cover. Given the off-vocal is from 2009 and crispy as hell, I think it turned out alright! <(—.— < ) ( > —.—)>
    Do I have any use for Galaco? No. Am I considering buying her anyway just to secure a copy of her Talk before it's retired? Yes. Do I have any use for her Talk bank? Also no. Is that going to stop me?

    ...time will tell. 😅
    My cold’s finally gone, more or less! Talking doesn’t hurt nearly as bad and the only real symptom I still have is this continuous pressure in my ears, which is annoying, but manageable. But now that it’s over, I have this feeling like I’m exhausted from fighting it, so I’m still exhausted… even though I’ve spent the past ten days doing nothing but sleeping while not at work.

    Fighting off illness is hard work, I’ll grant, so maybe I should be gentle with myself and rest another few days, take it easy where I can. Or maybe I’ve wasted enough time and I need to get my shit together and get something done. Either way, I’m quite annoyed with myself.
    Take your time :akasakiminato_lili: Glad to hear you're feeling better!
    I have the same thing going on. Was mildly sick sometime in early to mid December, got better in a couple days, and have had an annoying pressure in my ears since. Had them looked at, and apparently it's fluid buildup from an ear infection. So I had a course of antibiotics, which stopped the pain that went along with it, but the pressure is still happening somewhat.
    Ah, yes. It would seem I have forgotten how to mix rock/metal songs without making the whole thing sound like an overcompressed mess. 😭
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