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Other AISingers by DSound

aru ii

Your Neighborhood Tianyi Enthusiast!
Feb 12, 2021
Since AISingers seems to be alive again since the beginning of 2023, o think it’s a good idea to make a thread for it.

anyways, 2 new vbs came out

21/07/23 - Feng Fan MOCHI (Xiong Chu Chu Mo)
04/08/23 - Yun Ye (ZhiBin Club)
body_yunye.pngmany more vbs came out (and some were discontinued (or at least for now)) u can check and download them on the AISingers website.

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Aspiring Fan
Aug 23, 2021
Aw cool, I was sad when AISingers went down a few years back, glad to see it back!

I'm curious, what are these "groups" that the vocalists are separated into? Google Translate says they're Professional Group, Business Group, Community Group, and Personal Group respectively, but what exactly does that mean?


Sourin and Ryuusei Luvr
May 6, 2022
I'm curious, what are these "groups" that the vocalists are separated into?
Professional Group = 1st party voices, character provided by AISingers themselves, think of them as the Vocaloid's VY Series or DT's letter banks. I think they're higher quality...?
Business Group = Vocals by a company , Yan Xi and liliko were MUTA ports from MUTA's company, Yuan Qiqi's some fictional e-celeb
Community Group = Circle Vocals, like zhibin club, they're vocals who come from someone who handles multiple vocals
Personal Group = Individual Vocals, similar to Circle Vocals except from someone who only handles one or two vocals

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