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  • I love that Reml has a little companion buddy character. Remember when that was a trend? Oliver had James, Maika had Nova, Hio had Cubi and a bunch of others, the whole VSinger gang each had their own (except Yanhe rip). It was great, bring it back tbh
    Is there a good, consolidated resource anywhere for official MMD models, or am I gonna have to go hunting all over the whole internet for them?
    So is Yogatari Tobari supposed to be a doctor, or a scientist, or? Like what's the white coat for?
    Any fellow conlang enthusiasts around? I'm working on a vocal synthesis-based conlang, meaning one that's easy to synthesize and that can be easily pronounced by any existing synth regardless of their native language(s). I pretty much only have the phonetics figured out though, which was the easy part anyway. Whenever it comes to lexicon building, I get struck with indecision. If I made a thread about it here, would anyone be interested in discussing/giving feedback/etc??
    Kinda! I speak toki pona and am interested in linguistics from the technological perspective!
    Would definitely read your thread!
    TOKYO6 answered my question about how big Lakiston is! If I understood correctly, he's about 30cm tall standing! Although one of them pulled a face after hearing it, leading me to wonder if my wording may have been a bit, uhhhhh off 😳 My Japanese is far from perfect, after all...

    Do you think Goofy and the Warner siblings are the same species?
    Blue Of Mind
    Blue Of Mind
    The real question is, how are Goofy and Pluto both dogs when Goofy is clearly an anthropomorphised interpretation of a dog while Pluto is a normal doggo?
    I hope this is an okay place to do a little venting.

    I really want to do stuff with NNSVS because I'm dying for some good open source vocal synth software, but every time I try, my stupid brain gets overwhelmed by information and its gets the killscreen like in Pac-Man. Trying to do any programming with unmedicated/largely untreated ADHD is hell. I bought a Raspberry Pi over a year ago because I want to learn Python, but I've barely touched it.

    I am getting new meds in about a week, but I really don't know how much help they'll be yet, if any. I don't know what I'm going to do if they don't work. I love working with computers and I'm super interested in AI and machine learning and such, but what am I going to do if my brain just doesn't work the way I need it to? It's so frustrating.
    I've been taking Adderall for a long, long time now. I preferred Vyvanse, but it costs, like, four times as much. Getting regular sleep can play a part in how effective it is. It is a stimulant, but I find as long as I don't take it after 4 PM I can sleep okay. I've always been a night owl so I go to bed around midnight.

    Some days I can sit and work on a piece of art or writing for six hours straight. Other days I can't seem to focus on anything. Although part of that is influenced by manic depression. (ADHD and manic depression, woo~! FML.)

    I hate to encourage it, but caffeine often helps me focus for longer periods of time. (Although, weirdly, sometimes it makes me sleepy!) And by caffeine, I'm talking like a 90 mg caffeine soda. I don't drink energy drinks or coffee. I kinda avoid taking caffeine in addition to the Adderall, but then again I've known people who regularly chug energy drinks all the time. Or people who drink tea or coffee the whole workday long. So I think you just have to figure out what your body can tolerate without making you twitchy or keeping you up until 3 in the morning.

    Sometimes if I can't focus I'll lay back and just close my eyes for 15 minutes. Don't actually fall asleep, just give your brain some time to work through whatever it's busy doing in your subconscious.

    If I want to do something involved, like learning something technical, I have to get rid of distractions. I have my main desktop computer, but I have not installed any games on my laptop. I normally use Firefox for web browsing, but I keep it so Chrome does not have any of my bookmarks and I'm not logged into any time-wasting websites. So using my laptop with a clean browser helps me stay on-task.

    People say to exercise to improve focus, but that has never helped me. But anyway, this is just some ideas about my experience with ADHD.
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