Ameya released a new resampler: Doppeltler


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Jan 11, 2020
To make 2020 even better, Ameya has dropped an improved resampler of exceptional quality

the tweet + download:

in addition to that, there are new flags too:

g, B, N, P flag supported

Unique flags:
A: High frequency emphasis rate of the noise component (default setting a90)
R: Backwards. reverse front and back
S: number of threads
i: length of the rear fixed area (ms)
v: consonant velocity of the rear fixed area

comparison of resampler and doppeltler with a soft VB:

a few people have already noted that it has problems with random voicebanks, but the source of such errors is yet to be found.
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Jan 12, 2020
Hey guys, I did a few tests with the new doppeltler resampler and I found a very useful tip... DO NOT EVER GENERATE FREQUENCY LIST DIRECTLY FROM DOPPELTLER! Doppeltler has a tendency to misalign the pitch bends that causes the notes to sound weird... If this happens to you after directly rendering the frq files from doppeltler, delete the frq files and render them through the default UTAU resampler, then you can use it on doppeltler!
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