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At a loss for downloading off vocals/vsqx files for demo songs


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Dec 31, 2022
US of A
I just wanna make a cover of Hoshi no Kakera and Et Cetera! Gumi sounds so beautiful in her V3 demo! I've looked on Internet Co.'s website but I could only find the vsqx file to break my little world? Do I have to buy Megpoid V3 to get her demo songs?


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Apr 8, 2018
???, New York
Yes, you most likely have to purchase the Megpoid V3 bank(s) to get the demo files, but it’s possible that the vbs might not come with the files for those specific demo songs. I have Megpoid V4 complete and English, V4 Complete only came with the files for Possibility and not Tasogare, and English came with files for 2 or 3 demo songs.(I don’t remember which ones)
Edit: I now realize that Et Cetera is actually one of Chika’s demos and Hoshi no Kakera is a Miku demo. Maybe somebody gave you the wrong info, but those are not Gumi’s demo songs.
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