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Jul 17, 2021
Hello. I created a playable song in PS3's F 2nd edit mode and I would like to share it, but moreover I would like to upload it to 'the official site' as it supposed to be realized in-game. However my console can not and will never be log into PSN, so maybe someone of you can help me with that. The purpose of that action is maybe that will be worth to be included in some patches/DLCs for Future Tone :p However, someone may consider that content depricated...
The song's title (written in romaji?..) is buyoukyoku, the one from some of DLCs for the first game on PSP. I was inspirited with that video
and replicated it, watching, recreating and adding. Perfectising the play proccess, I wanted to make a bonus event, but that is not allowed in the edit mode, so I made a two versions which showes what could be happened with a chance success and unsuccess variations.
In the archive attached there are my decrypted saves and .mp3 scratched from that video (I considered the soundtrack from that video is better than that from the official DLC). Before to copy those save files to your PS3, you'll have to encrypt them for your console. I used PS3 Save Resigner (The Prince of Codes), it automatically founds the saves to operate with when they are placed on the flash stick directory PS3\SAVEDATA\ . You need the AccountID, UserID - these are foundable from the your console saves, but also you have to know the IDPS of your console, so I think that is available for the CFW/HEN console owners only. I don't know the other way I can share with that for everyone.
Once the saves are encrypted and in the right directory on the flash stick, and .mp3 is inside the MUSIC folder on the flash stick, everything is ready to be copied to your PS3 console.


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