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Apr 9, 2018
Hey guys, I'm opening up commissions for Engrish. I worked couple of times on Engrish so I have some experience on it.
Here is Arsloid singing Monster by Kira that I did:

And a recent one:
(untuned and was somewhat quick on the Engrish. I lost my will to go back to it after losing my instrumental yeah... :ring_ani_lili:)

Base (main) -- $10
Add in track (harmonies) -- $5
*Might change the prices or add in the future

Provide a vsqx of the english lyrics, the lyrics also just in case.
If you only have a midi done only and don't own any English Vocaloids, then I'll use my English Vocaloids to help me as a base. Just provide the lyrics and I'll send you the English track to see if that's how the words are supposed to go or not. Then I'll start working on the Engrish.

Won't do:
(I might mess around with the Velocity and Opening but it's more to help further of the Engrish, plus I'm not the best on tuning yet)
Hate speech (a song that encourages hate/ racism/ killing/ etc.)
No midi/vsqx/etc. means I'll struggle on creating one of my own and I'm not good at it, so please provide something for me to work on. :kyo_ani_lili:

I have Kiyoteru V4 (Natural & Rock), Arsloid, Kaito V3, and Gumi V4 Soft. I own Vocaloid 3 Editor and Piapro studio. :kaito_smile_lili::kiyoteru_lili::kiyoterunatural_lili::arsloid_smile_lili::gumi_lili:

If you need an Engrish for your original song please credit me in the video/description just the same as you would for a cover.

Payment is through Paypal.

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