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  • $175 for Solaris.
    My mind is on the fence for her (I don't use the lite studio much plus her voice didn't blow me away, but to be fair she was only one pitch revealed, so there is hope that I will like her. Other thing is I wasn't a big fan of using the studio a few times. I think I had liked the old version better...?)
    But if I want to save money for new stronger laptop I need to save up to like $400. But Solaris limited box... Why must you be $175. 😭
    Brought myself a 32 GB Flash Drive so I'm going to clear up some space on my laptop, and make spare copies of my Vocaloids in them. I even got myself a Miku color Mouse and gave my old one (Red and Black) to my brother since sometimes he would borrow mines.
    My other brother also got me a PS4 game called Code: Realize Wintertime Miracles even if I haven't finished the first one... oops, but I got it. X D
    Now, what else I even to get later on is a new laptop battery and either a SSD or HDD. :kiyoterunatural_lili:
    So last year, I attempted to write some lyrics and I titled it "Vocaloid Boy Band Song" and it would use all my male Vocaloids.
    Yes, even Chris and Ken.
    I never finished it.... I even forgot all about it.
    I only rediscovered it and few others because I went looking in my Original Songs lyrics for another lyrics for a song I'm working on. :clara_ani_lili:
    I made a short list of Vocaloids I may want to get later on when I can.
    Kokone, Mayu, Yukari (Jun or Lin), and Akari for the girls.
    VY2, Zola Project, and Fukase for the boys. Or I just try for Rin/Len V4x JPN boxed.
    Rin/Len and Fukase are the high cost so they are last in the list even if I want to get another male Vocaloid. X D
    Kokone I can get when she goes on sale again for like... $50? Yukari I can try to get that bundle deal of Yukari/Akari (box will be cool)
    Thinking of making a poll and see who wins the top 3 and who will be the number 1 winner. X D
    Do I have an interest in Meiko English? Probably... 👀 But I'll resist it. I got two ladies to showcase later on once this video is done for an original Collab song.
    Thought of doing Sleepless Nights Cover for a contest, but I'm not feeling it. Len English sounds good for Gumi's part. But for Miku's part I'm not feeling it for any of my English Vocaloids that I have.
    It's a good song, but I don't love it so I might not continue it for now... Unless I change my mind tomorrow. X D
    I also need do a simple art for Gears of Love Cover of Arsloid and Luka. I need to get my gears going on that.
    X D
    A neat Eleanor Original song: I'm very close to finishing up my Daina drawing for my Collab song with her and Luka by the way guys. : 3
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    I'm also attempting to do a simple music video for my Kaito and Miku cover of "The World hasn't even Started yet".... 👀
    A chaotic big brain moment at this late hour...... [Ready Steady] with Kaito, Miku, Rin, Len, and Luka.... but as an English Cover.... 👀
    But first Fragile with Kaito and Miku.
    Hopefully after I take an hour nap and after I make breakfast I could upload a video cover for a very special Birthday boy.... 👀
    It would have been done way sooner if AviUtl didn't crashed on me... (X_X)
    Couple of days ago: No more Female Vocaloids until I get a Male Vocaloid like VY2 or Fukase.
    This night: Hello I have an interest in Cangqiong because of her one demo song.
    I also got Chiyu lite.
    I don't have the instrumental for King so no short cover with low octave Ken to show off my so oh so amazing tuning skills~. There is also a Kiyoteru Rock cover of King so I can scratch him off my list... 👀 👀
    Arsloid....Kiyoteru Rock....Luka.. Miku and Kaito... they sound so good in the song "King" but Kiyoteru Rock takes first place. 👀 His voice is so good in this.
    Hmm... not really feeling this drawing for Daina yet. I also can't draw foxes well, sadly. : \
    I keep messing around/jumping around vsqxs that I have, and I think I am really liking Arsloid and Luka together, but only if I can commit to one thing and work on it already. X D
    I also did another attempt on Lonely Blue Ocean, and I got somewhat progress on the musicbox part thanks to Waveform, but it's not perfect (shame I don't have the good ears to recreate my song by ear)
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