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  • *Nevermind, turns out my earphones was tiny bit out even when I checked if that was the problem, time to listen again~!*
    Tried listening to a few original JPN songs to post in the Kaito Fanclub, but for some odd reason to me, Kaito sounds so soft, so so very soft I could not really hear him. Instead all I hear is the music and see the lyrics on the screen..... : X
    Finally using Dex for this cover of Lie (I'm slowly changing the JPN vsqx to ENG). It still needs work on it and I did PIT BEND tuning to it for the night. I haven't changed the other half or the other vocal parts into ENG yet either....
    Another cover I could do for him is an English Cover of "The Ogre and the Maiden "(done with Kaito V1). I had already made it into an ENG vsqx a long while back. It will need edits (I was a noob of course) and tuning to it.

    Another thing, after I posted the Matsu cover on SC, I got couple of spam bots on bye SC~!
    For Shatter My Heart.... I probably have to remake the chorus part. Since I can't find a way to fix some problems in it that I discovered. *Stares at it* probably tomorrow I'll work on that.....oh boy... maybe I'll use Daina for a bit instead of Rin.
    But at least I am making good progress on my drawing.
    Updated post to Dex and Daina.
    This morning I actually got an email from Time & Space with their codes so yay, they are here to stay! <3
    It turned out since I'm from USA and purchased them late at night (.....guilty for going to sleep late but I was downloading them) it was not yet morning for them. Oops. (^_^;)>
    I have Disney+ on with Beauty and the Beast (animated one instead of the live-action one since it won't be available until next year) after taking a shower. I'm going to try to not go back to sleep, but I'll take a nap later on.
    I'm a bit sleepy, but....
    Dex and Daina are here~! I tested them out with the Nana trial song I made before, and they sound amazing! (Daina actually sounds so lovely), but I noticed that I didn't get any codes to activate them in the V4 activation, so I don't fully have them yet.
    Do I have to contact Zero-G with proof of my purchase or did I somehow miss the codes somewhere?
    The email only has the code for Time and Space on downloading both of them.
    Are you really sure you dont have the activation codes?? That's iffy, definitely contact Zero-G.
    Sorry, I was slow on making an updated status on this. (^_^;)> But they sent me an email of their codes. <3 It was around 4AM for me that I got the email when I made this post at 2AM. X D
    But I'm glad they did gave me the codes after all! <3
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    I know I do need glasses (I had these for like....4-5 years?) so when I get a job that is another thing I need to do, but I find it funny how I look over my glasses when I'm focused on drawing, coloring, and sometimes at my laptop. I think I got my glasses for far-sights. X D
    Trying to tune Scattered Glass ust for Matsu, but I might use Shuu, Yami, and maybe Ruko(male). The voicebank is Retake Edge by the way. I also want to use Kaito, Kiyoteru, and Arsloid.....
    I need to finish up the fanart of Scattered Glass too.....
    Shatter My Heart also needs to be worked on too....and I need to finish up Voice from the Forest song and make some image for it.....
    Oh boy.....I wish I wasn't so lazy.....
    So I got Nana V4 English Trial and I don't dislike her as I has started to worry when I was downloading her. here she is singing the first half of my Collab Song Lacunae: Box

    I'm going through some English VSQx's that I have, trying to judge further if I want her. I don't really like her singing above like E4 (expect Rolling Girl at the moment. Mainly good) And more for her singing some low notes. : 3
    She does have this tone to her that I don't really like too much, but.... *Thinking* She also needs tuning and changing some note phonemes to make her more perfect on English.
    If I get her instead..... I probably could make some songs with her.... *More thinking*
    So I have been thinking of doing some Art Commissions since I want a new Vocaloid. For $72-75 I could get Akari.... would anyone be interested in helping me get her? I haven't decided yet if I should just do simple Digital Art or toss in some pricey Traditional Art (I'm much better at it, plus I would be using my own supplies of Copics to Watercolors, and/or Color Pencils ;; Copics are very pricey and I don't have any refill bottles to the ones I own)....
    For Digital it would be a bust and up since I haven't practiced much for full bodies. (^_^;)>
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    I'd be willing to help out! What are your prices?
    Ah, thank you so much peaches! <3
    Right now I'm thinking of the prices and trying to do the previews, but failing I think.

    Mainly for Copics it would be $20 (+5 for some simple background/design around the character) $5 for basic color pencils, etc....Don't know if instead of background it could be another person's head like I used to do it here for $5 extra: Rin and Len fanart video : O
    If I may be honest, just looking at that video, you could charge way more than $25 for a picture like that. You're ridiculously talented! It'd be an honor to commission you!
    Well, I did some tuning to the beginning of Arsloid song, but I'm still stuck on creating more vocal parts and lyrics for the whole song.
    But I also still need to do a PV for Len's V4 ENG "White Lily" and do some more stuff for his other song too before needing to also do that PV. But man... three songs in total already for
    The past me would have never thought that would happen when I wanted to create songs for Kaito and Miku the most. X D
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