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  • "Flick tap flick tap." So beautiful, Arsloid. Wonderful on the Engrish almost sounding a perfect English.
    Oh wait.... This isn't his bright Voicebank....
    *Switches to it*
    .....oh no...
    Well, I'll have to fix that later for his voice. But I wish that they had at least made his Bright Voicebank much better at least.
    Got myself Maki ENG AI LIte, and since I rarely use Synth (Guilty of haven't touched it for like an year now, sorry) that I forgot that I had to download the latest build, and yeah still don't really the editor. X D Still spoiled by Piapro and V5 editors.
    Also struggled on getting Eleanor voice out when I had Maki image on the screen for a few minutes.
    Maki ENG is really cutesy, but I found that I liked her lower range better from the second track so I lowered her GEN a bit on the main one.
    On the fence to later get at least either her ENG AI or ENG Synth bank at least or her CeVio ENG Talk bundle.... 🤔 But... don't konw.... I'm getting less hours....and already wanting few other stuff... so we'll see next year probably.
    So many years I had Q Cryptonloids + 2 Vocaloids Chorus in the back burner. So many voices to mix, but it still sounds so nice even if not complete and I think I need to improve the mixing more. Only the beginning and maybe the ending is mostly complete, just need to do the middle of giving each Vocaloid enough parts to sing and shine rather than have 6 sing and try to overpower each other.
    I also started a bit on maybe an Arsloid Anniversary Cover project. It was hard to find another vsqx since the first one didn't have the middle part, and since the first one had such lovely note bending Im using that method yet changing it up a tiny bit (and applying my own vibrato sprinkle in there, I'll also try to apply a bit of my own note bending that I had once did to the English version I had did before) and hopefully I'll get skilled enough to apply it to the middle part.
    On a family trip and spent most the whole day on the road. :yukari_lili: Hopefully tomorrow will be fun. :mirai_lili:
    Don't know what cover to do for Fukase and Rin English. Almost had an interest on doing an English Cover of Close to you, but I'll probably have to do JPN -> ENG and my will is weak at the moment. Hmm... Probably tomorrow I'll come up with something...
    Really like Akari x Arsloid and Luka x Arsloid on some of these duet vsqx that I have. Even Choose Me is good for them. Shame that I don't have the instrumental for Drop Pop Candy nor wrote down the vsqx creator (they made a Read Me but didn't put down their username : ( )
    Ohh, I feel like I have that VSQx--I always dislike when people don't leave a username for me to credit bc I feel bad not to credit... :(
    Yeah, I have a few that are like that. Worse is when I had gotten them years ago so I'll probably have to search for them if I do them. Now, I have been trying to write down their username on the zip file if it comes out credit-less each time I dl a new vsqx.
    There is an All Miku and Teto Voicebanks Patchwork Staccato Covers, and I thought it would be interesting of an All Arsloid Voicebanks Cover. Sadly the vsqx I have doesn't include the second chorus, so for now... I just did a Bright vs Soft of the first part with Luka Soft as the harmony. Soft is still my favorite second bank for Arsloid. Bright is like a UTAU bank for Arsloid, don't know if when some of his high notes are hit it sounds almost like his Core bank but maybe I'm imagining that, and I don't know how to smooth it out like his Soft bank. :arsloid_smile_lili:
    If I had the talent to make music, I would make plenty for KaiMiku and Kaito/Miku/Arsloid. Of course more for Arsloid, got to give him plenty of love 💚 and for the rest of my Vocaloids.
    And instead of saving up for Solaris or a laptop I want to get a bigger drawing screen tablet. I have a 9 inch Bamboo tablet and I find that it is time to upgrade. : 3 so like around $270 for Huion drawing tablet unless I find another tablet that gets my interest.
    $175 for Solaris.
    My mind is on the fence for her (I don't use the lite studio much plus her voice didn't blow me away, but to be fair she was only one pitch revealed, so there is hope that I will like her. Other thing is I wasn't a big fan of using the studio a few times. I think I had liked the old version better...?)
    But if I want to save money for new stronger laptop I need to save up to like $400. But Solaris limited box... Why must you be $175. 😭
    Brought myself a 32 GB Flash Drive so I'm going to clear up some space on my laptop, and make spare copies of my Vocaloids in them. I even got myself a Miku color Mouse and gave my old one (Red and Black) to my brother since sometimes he would borrow mines.
    My other brother also got me a PS4 game called Code: Realize Wintertime Miracles even if I haven't finished the first one... oops, but I got it. X D
    Now, what else I even to get later on is a new laptop battery and either a SSD or HDD. :kiyoterunatural_lili:
    So last year, I attempted to write some lyrics and I titled it "Vocaloid Boy Band Song" and it would use all my male Vocaloids.
    Yes, even Chris and Ken.
    I never finished it.... I even forgot all about it.
    I only rediscovered it and few others because I went looking in my Original Songs lyrics for another lyrics for a song I'm working on. :clara_ani_lili:
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