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How do I use a compressor in Studio One 5 for my voicebanks?


Nekomura ✮ Lover
Aug 23, 2022
I should've asked this in my last post but I don't know how I would use my compressor. I tried to use a plug in that would be easier for me to figure out but it won't show up or work for some reason so I have to use the built in compressor. Every time I try though, it ends up looking confusing and I'm not sure how it would work for my voicebanks or anything. I use Piapro if that would help and this is how it looks like:

Screenshot (870).png

If there's any alternatives I can use though a link would be appreciated. Thank you!


Aspiring Fan
Mar 6, 2022
Presonus has some good videos on using the included compressor, and other included plugins.

This one covers the basics of compression and what the different controls are actually changing:

This one covers mixing vocals with stock Studio One plugins, starting with EQ and then compression:

You can also use the "default" drop down and select a preset for vocals as a starting point, and fine tune from there. I find that the included compressor is very flexible and one of the easier ones to work with, once you know the basics, because it has a good visualizer. Whereas a lot of plugins that aim to emulate certain hardware tend to just give you a VU meter and some knobs.
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Apr 22, 2021
If you using studio one that come with Piapro it should be Studio One Artist version which is accept 3rd party plugins you might try to check when install the 3rd party plugin, it should be around here Example: (C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins) for VST2 and (C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3) for VST3 you might take a look at studio one preference menu and check the VST Plugins Parth.

Studio one is 64bit only(iirc), it's will only accept 64 bit plugins.

As for set and forget compressor, i recommend this plugins: Klanghelm
I use it every time. The 2 knobs magic and It is free. worth to try.

Using compressor is actually very tricky, i recommend you to focus on this 2 parameter at first, threshold and attack.
You crank the threshold knob and start to see Gain Reduction reacting, you might start to crank a little bit more until you see a constant Gain Reduction.
The default setting seem good so you probably don't have to touch anything.
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Miku-Avanna-Gumi enthusiast
May 23, 2019
my go-to compressors are:
-xfer ott (often the first thing to go on my vocals as it makes them clear and crisp, i usually adjust it a bit to tone it down some; it does not go on every instrument but it might go on some of them); another free ott-style compressor is sixth sample's cramit but i usually just use the xfer one
-presonus native compressor
-the compressor built in to izotope neutron 3 elements (which i got free in a promotion, it is a paid product generally speaking)
-tdr kotelnikov (mostly on master bus to glue everything together); molotok is another one from the same company, i don't really use that one as of now though
-la-2a emulation (i use the one by universal audio, which was free for a bit a while back, but analog obsession la-la is a known free option)
-vola, another levelling amplifier, is a free and voice-optimized levelling amplifier if it counts as a compressor
-auburn sounds lens is a pretty cool one that allows for mixing with the dry signal, it eats up pc power though
-the aforementioned analog obsession has a ton of free compressors among many other effects; it's a gold mine of free effect vsts
-kilohearts has a whole bundle of plugins with simple gui, including a compressor; i don't use this one a ton
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