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  • Me as a casual Sweet Ann observer: Hmm. I know Sweet Ann's voicer is Australian, but I don't know if I really hear her accent?

    Me, deciding to download Sweet Ann's installer as a trial and load her into VSQs: Oh wow, she really is Australian, nevermind (some of the loids with non-rhotic dialects are rhotic in the engine sometimes)
    thought i had: vocaloids where they shouldn't be

    like, vocaloids/voicebanks in genres they don't fit at all
    Don't get me wrong, there are nice voca hip hop songs but vocalsynth & gangsta rap would feel so wrong since the lyrics usually revolve around the artist's personal achievements and flexes
    Blue Of Mind
    Blue Of Mind
    Vocametal has long had a reputation for being unintentionally amusing, especially when trying to attempt the more extreme subgenres like black and death, or if it's a cover of a famous metal song.
    but what about individual vocals? i dunno if avanna would fit energetic idol pop a la mitchie m very well for example
    honestly one of the reasons i love miku is that her voice kinda scratches an itch in my brain. her voice is not only cute but also very clear and clean and just...nice?
    i feel like avanna would be extremely polite and good-natured whether she's a hero or a villain

    like, i feel like she'd even care about (and offer tea and biscuits to) her enemies, she's that sweet

    i wonder who the opposite would be. i'd probably have thought fuiro because my first impression of her expression was that she looked condescending, but i could be wrong, maybe fuiro's actually a nice girl who happens to dress edgy
    Dumb thought I had: Which vocal synths are the opposite of other vocal synths?
    headcanon: avanna is an introvert who spent some time deeply wishing she was an extrovert so she could spend more time with her friends without getting drained, and sometimes she's mistaken for one due to her friendly demeanor, talkative tendencies, deeply caring nature, and sense of fun. however, over time she has come to accept her introverted self and give herself time to relax, overworking herself less. some of her favorite activities include reading, painting, gardening and cooking.
    First video Talkloid in a while (and first one that hasn't been taken down/deleted as of now)
    i feel like if chis-a met avanna she'd stare at her for a good long while and then say "you have dots on your face"

    other than that i feel like avanna would kinda remind chis-a of tanaka san
    I loved using Ronan Fed's PNEUMA and RF-Drums in my projects, but apparently they're no longer available, along with all his other plugins, which is sad because I just got a new computer. Thankfully I have a few other synths I like using, such as u-he's stuff, and for drums I usually fall back on PreSonus' native drum machine Impact.
    thought i had recently: arsloid introducing himself and avanna getting profoundly uncomfortable

    he states that his real name is akira and avanna breathes a HEAVY sigh of relief that she doesn't have to use what she as an irishwoman grew up to view as inappropriate slang just to refer to him (especially since referring to him as "ars" like she'd likely have gravitated to as a nickname would've sounded like an insult)
    headcanon: when prima is singing opera, she's energetic and vigorous. when she's not, she's sleepy.
    Yes, finally someone who likes Prima

    Mine is she always act like a big sister and the voice of the reason
    I always pictured her as being the kind of classy woman who hides her insecurities but still show them fully blast when singing some tragic opera tracks, is less conventional than what she seems (and the fact someone pointed out the original picture was having the model wearing earring/piercing on her ear and that was subtly removed from the boxart seems to confirm what i sensed about her)

    She's incredibly jealous whenever someone gets too close to TONIO and like the most tragic opera divas, it brings her a deep sadness, with the exception despite the inner anger and such, she barely gets as bitter as anyone can be
    i just love character designs that absolutely revel in their nationalities

    avanna's design being very unabashedly irish for example, and several japanese vocal synths are very "traditional japanese" in their look as well

    like, designs that break (or just don't follow) stereotypes are great too, it's just kinda fun to see designs that kinda go whole ham like that.
    I got a Talkloid idea where Avanna shows Miku and Gumi various Irish names and has them guess the pronunciation (not easy names, stuff like Saoirse and Caoimhe and Eoin) before telling them herself how they're pronounced

    Maybe a comment at the end (probably from Gumi) about how lucky they are that their Irish friend's name is the fairly simple "Avanna"
    Which Vocaloids can you see being enthusiastic about Christmas?

    I definitely see Avanna being a Christmas lover haha, she probably really gets into it every year (hopefully in more of a lovable way than an obnoxious way)
    I can kinda see the Cryptonloids getting together for the holidays as well, and Miku loves the holiday for the togetherness, generosity and love it brings; she loves to see everyone being kind to each other and brings her own kindness to the table as well.
    Gumi finds Christmas fun and loves the fun novelty aspects of it; she probably gets uglier and uglier sweaters every year
    —all the child vocas being super excited for xmas bc they still get presents
    —iroha being an absolute christmas fanatic whose house looks like a xmas souvenir shop as soon as november hits, competes with gumi over who has the most ugly sweaters
    —fukase being an 'ironic' xmas fanatic, sings offkey covers of christmas carols to annoy his friends all december
    —that's all i can think of rn
    so i tried daina's installer a few days ago and then today i went to empathp's facebook and automatically started reading her posts in what is more or less daina's voice

    am i gonna start reading misha's twitter in ruby's voice too? and nostraightanswer's twitter in dex's voice?
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