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  • Before i send my old audio interface to someone else, i do some tear down and cleaning as final goodbye, as i do some probing with oscilloscope, the thing that surprise me about old converter (in this case is Steinberg UR22) it's pretty clean even maximum sampling rate at 216kHz, the pre amp is a little noisy, still performing perfectly considering how old it is (Jan 2013). The unit itself say capable 192kHz but the chip itself have some Sampling "headroom" up to 216kHz. So, i think most interface people have these day is more than good enough, so you have nothing to worry about.

    Solo guitar arrangement is beautiful..
    I already made vocaloid cover so i might made a piano arrangement again... this song mean a lot.
    Thing will come and go and never ever comeback.

    I forgot about international cat day.
    The real cat day is actually happen when you decided to adopt a cat and... that's it...

    For a cat owner...every day is a cat day.
    Aw... i though no one cover this song.

    One of the most popular song in karaoke store, you can see this song on both Joysound and DAM machine (obviously).
    This is not a sad song though more like a warm and cozy feeling, I do a cover with piano back then and it's completely different feeling...
    VSQ file is available.

    Re-visit old project file that i made a year ago, i made it poorly so i refine this new one and made it different.
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    There is some parameters i use such as portamento timing, Opening, clearness, brightness and velocity, i'm going to explain how it work.

    Portamento timing is... self explanatory: they control the timing of the pitch changing between note, faster or slower(lag) than default(64)
    Opening: is control the mouth opening the default value is max(127) singing with clear tone, a lower value create an less distinct tone, good combination with Accent param*
    Clearness: is more like a white noise, give some brittle sound.. very eardrums torture if push too high, a little amount with low brightness can create an fragile voice
    Breathness: i don't really use it but it give some air to every word in a very small amount
    Brightness: this is interesting, and very useful it can use as volume control and tension control, high value make it loud and in your face sound, lower value make muffled sound and feel mellow-ish laid back voice, work great as overall volume control.
    The more i use it the more i like it, this is what (most of the time) i looking for.

    Very present to use. Simply create melody, input lyrics, add some vibrato and the end, done. No need for fancy phoneme editing, don't have to zoom to microscopic level to re-adjust the lengh of the note transition. Maybe add some manual pitch riding, gender and you got this.

    Obviously it's depend on vbs but there is a plenty of a good vb out here.
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