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Interesting breakdown of the recent drama surrounding the Kizuna Ai project


Apr 9, 2018
Wow. I heard about other VTubers being taken advantage by their handlers, but I didn't think AI would be in the same boat. Guess being a VTuber is too new of a profession, so there are a lot of sneaky people involved hurting the talent. Guess we'll have to see how everything develops in the future.


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Aug 6, 2019
Yeah I heard some of this stuff earlier as well, it's a shame this is all happening. A lot of the handlers of V-tubers don't seem to get a lot of viewers don't see just the character, but the voice actor behind the character as being the same being, and not just a simple character but as a full blown Youtuber. Like they would see some big or small time youtuber/streamer/personality who likes to actually talk to their followers.

Personally I feel like fans wouldn't have been so put off on these new Kizunai AI's if they did what Eilene did with Moemi and Yomemi, purposely made them look similar but also quite different, so fans wouldn't get so alienated with a new voice and different mannerisms. Sure a lot of people didn't want Moemi to be replaced but a lot of them warmed up to Yomemi over time. Plus they knew Moemi wasn't replaced, she was just getting some stress taken off of her and still shows up in videos of her own.


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Jun 16, 2018
Multiple Kizuna Ai's news was on my twitter's timeline for some time, though I don't really bother to see the whole story and I mostly follow Vocaloid producer.

Recently I read a tweet by a Japanese that said (rough translation and based on my memory alone, sorry) "Vtuber had the same/similar potential as Vocaloid, but unlike Vocaloid, the companies get in the boat too fast for the Vtuber that it turned out like this." And I agree, I think if the companies didn't jump into the industry so fast or at least doesn't create Vtuber agencies so soon the Vtuber industry will be better (or at least healthier) than it is now.


Apr 9, 2018
A likely story. <--sarcasm

I'm not buying it, I feel like if THAT many fans have suspicions, they can't all be wrong. AI's people are probably just covering with that as an excuse. At least they got the message from fans about what not to do.


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Apr 8, 2018
When “Hello, Morning” first came out I remember someone commented along the lines of “I knew it, this was just a ploy to become an idol.” Bet they’d feel validated hearing this news. (Personally I doubt she really had that kind of ulterior motive, I just hope Kasuga is okay with this)

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