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Kasane Teto Fanclub

Scarlet Illusion

Lover of magical girls and singing robots
:teto_lili:.:Welcome to the Kasane Teto Fanclub:.:teto_lili:
A club dedicated to everyone's favorite twin-drilled chimera girl!
Teto is a troll/fake Vocaloid created by VIP2ch as an April Fool's joke; she was not originally planned to have a voicebank, but was well-received that she was given one. She's a bilingual UTAU with English and multiple Japanese voicebanks. Her voicebanks include a neutral toned voicebank, a shout voicebank (known as "sakebi"), a growl voicebank (known as rikimi), a whisper voicebank (known as sasayaki), and an experimental voicebank that combines her neutral/default voicebank and her whisper voicebank.
Featured cover:

Featured original:

Featured fanart:

Notable Originals:

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To join, mention that you'd like to join and please do one or more of the following:
x Say something you like about her/why you like her
x Share a song that uses her (covers are fine, too!)
x Share fan art of her
x Post fanfiction or any other type of fan work of her
Kazumi (founder and head of fanclub)
Coming soon!
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Scarlet Illusion

Lover of magical girls and singing robots
Howdy... whoever may be viewing this thread!! I added a featured original and another notable original!
Fun fact: Yoshiwara Lament is the first UTAU original and first Teto original to cross 1,000,000 views! She also has a scale figure that I highly recommend picking up if you can afford her! She's beautifully detailed and worth every penny! QwQ


UTAU is my religion!!!
Feb 28, 2019
I'm surprised I didn't see this get posted anywhere on the form yet, so I figured this is the right place to put this, right? Teto also got new plushies coming her way 💕💕 I'm reallyyyy tempted to get one of these...

No SynthV design though, shockingly. Maybe sometime soon!

And you guuuuys. Not to be dramatic or anything but teenage me was incredibly stupid. I got the original nendoroid plush a few years ago as a gift when I was younger, but I think I remember sending it to a charity along with a bunch of other toys n stuff because I went through a phase were I thought I was SO OVER vocal synths. I've tried looking online for a replacement for some time now and it's literally barren out there, no tetos to be found!! I NEED THIS TO FILL MY TETO NENDOROID PLUSH-SHAPED HOLE IN MY HEART.


UTAU is my religion!!!
Feb 28, 2019

some of you probably saw this already since it blew up, but i don't care. listen again because this is dead stupid good 🔫:teto_ibis:

ALSOOOO, i've already set my money aside and WILL be ordering a physical package of this bish once all my evaluation finals are over. for now i'm refining my synthv tuning skills at the mercy of koharu rikka

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