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  • This year I've decided to make it a point to use Vocaloid and Chipspeech more, I'm adding Solaria and Asterian to the list because like, I could keep complaining about how I never use them, but it's better to actually use them. Because they're both amazing and I've gotten so much better at tuning and mixing since I last used them that I could actually do them justice now.
    My D drive where I have my vocal synths installed is on its last legs so I'm neurotically backing up my Utau voicebank progress and vocal synth covers. I'm also leaving my Vocaloids and SynthVs deactivated unless I want to use them, in which then I'm activating and deactivating at the end of the session.
    I'm not worried about my SynthV activations under this system because SynthV seems pretty forgiving with activations (like how they can be run on 3 computers at once (which you technically shouldn't do, but it still can do that)). But I am worried about my Vocaloid activations with this. I hear conflicting things about how Vocaloid activations work, some saying that you can deactivate and reactivate as many times as you want and others saying that doing that will brick your code. They also say you have 3 activations with Vocaloid, but I've never heard of anyone using the same code on multiple computers.
    Has anyone here deactivated and reactivated a Vocaloid more than 3 times?
    You can activate and deactivate a Vocaloid as many times as you need to. It's when you activate it and then lose access to your HD or something that you run into an issue.

    Activations are tied to a serial number that is built into either the HD or NIC card on your computer (You choose which one when you activate. It's the HD by default.) If you activate and then the chosen piece of hardware fails before you deactivate (meaning that the Vocaloid software can't access it to retrieve the hardware's serial number), that activation of the Vocaloid software is wasted.

    You can waste 2 activations of a Vocaloid VB in this way. If you waste the third, you can't activate again.

    If you do have 3 wastes, you can reach out to the software maker (e.g., Crypton), and once you explain what happened and probably provide your Vocaloid software serial code, they can probably reset your activation count for you. But it's obviously easier to do your best to avoid that.

    Anyway, hopefully that clarifies what the situation is that would preferably be avoided.
    mm..I think that if you activate online, there are no limitations, but if you deactivate/activate offline, then there might be some limits:
    in theory, because your D drive is the data drive and not the OS drive (the activator checks the PC hardware and the OS), everything should be ok:mell_lili: :kanatomell_lili:
    Thank you guys so much! This was helpful
    Okay idea for a vocal synth that will never happen but would be cool: a reggae vocal synth.
    I recall reading on the Vocaloid Wiki that one reason some Vocaloids sold the way they did is because producers had their characters/voices they selected and committed to, whether that was the earlier releases of an engine or producers who specifically only ever bought the latest version of Miku. But with SynthV, and AI vocals in general, I'm noticing the opposite. As SynthV continues to drastically change with every update and get more realistic, new releases are more realistic than the last. Thus, users are always chasing the latest and popular voices while throwing the ones they already have under the bus (and let me tell ya, this gets expensive). I have observed this in several ways:
    -Look at forum and Reddit discussions. Notice the transition from talking about Mai to Ayame. Asking about buying Stardust to asking about buying Minus.
    -And likewise, on Discord when trading vocals, people are usually looking for the latest vocals, sometimes even trading vocals that only came out slightly before them, like trading Anri Arcane for Minus (although, this isn't the best example since most of those people probably got Anri Arcane for free).
    -YouTube cover artists; as pointed out in an earlier discussion on this forum, in 2022, everyone and their sister was using Solaria for everything. In 2023, Solaria usage dramatically fell after Teto came out.
    -My own experience with this phenomenon. I used to comment all the time "ooh, this new vocal sounds so cool, I want to buy this vocal eventually." I said it about so many vocals. I used to collect all the SynthV Engloid character vocals until I finally broke the cycle by not buying Saros. While I still like Solaria and Asterian, the peak of when I cared about them was when Asterian came out, and I sometimes regret buying them because I never use them (The reason I don't is because I would have never gotten their physicals otherwise).
    This year's Vocaloid anniversaries:
    20: Leon, Lola, Miriam, Meiko
    15: Megurine Luka, Gumi, Sonika, SF-A2 Miki, Hiyama Kiyoteru, Kaai Yuki, Big Al
    10: Kokone, Anon and Kanon, V Flower, Tohoku Zunko, Rana, Chika
    The introduction of Bruno and Clara to my Talkloids will mean that my Talkloids will be a mix of English and Spanish now (always with English subtitles. I can't do the other way around until I know more Spanish). As such, I'm coming up with headcanons related to the dialects they use:
    -Given their Spaniard accents, clearly Bruno and Clara would speak Castilian Spanish. They both use "Vosotros", Clara moreso than Bruno. ("Vosotros" is essentially a word for "y'all". It's generally only used in Spain).
    -European characters like Sonika use Spaniard accents; American characters like Jun use Latin American accents.
    -Not everyone speaks/understands Spanish, leading to language-barrier shenanigans. Example: Miku
    +Whether they can understand Spanish depends on their voicebank capabilities first, and then headcanons. For instance, all SynthVs can due to cross-lingual (I don't use any std SynthVs nowadays). All characters with Spanish voicebanks can (examples: Hoshino Hanami has a Spanish voicebank, Deci Mal will be receiving a Spanish voicebank in the future). Some without Spanish capabilities can (examples: Sonika due to her alleged polyglot capabilities, Luka due to my headcanon that she's a tourist).
    Oh, I have a bit of a similar thing with language in my Talkloids. For example, Gumi being part-Filipino might speak Tagalog on occasion, Miku I'd mainly have speak Japanese and English but she'd probably know bits of many other languages as well from being knowledgeable and well-traveled; Avanna I have speak Irish English as best I can and I might sprinkle in Irish phrases occasionally, and I tend to imagine her Japanese being pretty broken and awkward but she's trying her best.
    I used to prefer Minus over Stardust because of her edgy design, but ironically, I'm more partial to Stardust these days. As of her AI, Minus has been turned into a generic cute girl, in both voice and design (hell, I prefer her standard and that's a shame because she can't be used in English). Meanwhile, Stardust is just so cool!!
    It's so funny how Jun and Big Al are the same age. You'd never guess it because Al seems so much older, like middle-aged or something.
    I've seen several depictions of Anri where she's a Miku fan, mine included, and that gives me an idea: in the same vein, Jun is a Luka fan. I was originally thinking Kaito, but then I thought, he sang a Luka song for one of his demos. Plus the vibes, Luka is the sexy to Miku's cute, and so is Jun for Anri's.
    and this totally isn't biased since Luka is my favorite Crypton character and Jun is my favorite AO character
    And yes, both AO characters were star-struck dorks when they met their Crypton idols XD
    Soooo, say I recorded an ENUNU or DiffSinger voicebank but rap the data instead of sing it, would that create a rapping voicebank or the shittiest singing auto-tuning you'll ever hear in your life?
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