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kz talked about vtubers in a recent interview


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Jun 16, 2018
It's a 4 page long interview and just published. So well, it will take a while for Exemplar (or anyone for that matter) to translate it. (~_~;)
I will provide a rough translation and very simplified outline of the interview though.

Tweet caption says:
Charm that only exist in Vtuber culture according to kz (livetune), "What we did in 10 years, Vtuber did it in 2 years."
As for the interview, roughly the first 3 is discussing Kz's thoughts on VTuber as a new culture and how he became interested in watching them, What's his favorite videos/vtuber, and his experience in composing songs for VTuber like Kizuna Ai or YuNi.

The last page touched on artist(composer?) that he watched for among many that composed song for Vtuber (where he said TEMPLIME) and how he feels that the word "VTuber" is similar to "Vocaloid" tag in music store. Just like there are saying that "Vocaloid isn't a music genre," even though it's the same "VTuber", VTuber that upload videos and VTuber that livetream is different. Not only on Youtube, there are also VTuber that used SHOWROOM as their livestream home base.

Again, I simplified most of the interview. There are a lot, lot more contents in there, and I will leave that to anyone willing to translate the whole thing.

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