Let's play the same name game


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Apr 8, 2018
She just got announced/leaked bUT

Sora: Sora from KH , Denatsu Sora, Sorane Rana (wow she works for two VBs in this game now) (I think this is the one I was originally thinking of when I searched "sora utau" rofl)
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Apr 8, 2018
Chris Rock
Chris Pratt

Amy Poehler

Washio Ken (Gatchaman)
Chargeman Ken

Kaori (Azumanga Daioh)


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Apr 8, 2018

Miku Nishimoto-Neubert - German pianist with Japanese roots
Miku Mishima - worked on the video games "Pokémon Sun & Moon" and "Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon" (don't even ask how I noticed that in the credits)
Miku - from the Japanese boy pop group An Café
"miku" - Albanian word for "friend"

:len_lili: Len
Ren Li - big Zhiyu Moke fans from our Discord should know this person ))
Kylo Ren - from "Star Wars: Episode 7, 8 & 9"
Vladimir Lenin - communist revolutionary

:luka_lili: Luka
Luka - from the famous Russian stage play "The Lower Depths"
George Lucas - producer of "Star Wars"

Meiko Haigou - MEIKO's voice provider (trolololol)
Meiko Shiraki - from the anime "Prison School"

:kaito_lili: KAITO
Kaitou Kuroba/Kaito Kid/1412 - from the manga series "Detective Conan"

:prima_lili: Prima
"prima gemacht" - that's what German parents and teachers say to little kids sometimes when they have done something good

:miki_lili: miki
Miki - from the manga "Parasyte"

(at this point I wanted to say something about Kaai Yuki, but as soon as Yuki Miku and Sword Art Online came to my mind, I noticed that I could make an entire MyAnimeList about Yuki's)

:mew_lili: Mew
Mew - from the anime "Elfen Lied"

:ia_lili: IA
I A - that's the name of the donkey from "Winnie Pooh" in the Russian version

:lapis_lili: Lapis
Lapis Cave - dungeon from the game "Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Team Red/Blue"

:maika_lili: Maika
"maika" - Russian word for "singlet" or "shirt"

:merli_lili: Merli
Merlin - remember the fantasy show "Merlin" with Prince Arthur and Merlin the wizzard?

:rana_lili: Rana
"rana" - Russian word for "wound"

:daina_lili: Daina (not sure if I pronounce it right)
Dana - from the American sitcom "According to Jim"

:stardust_lili: Stardust
Stardust Dragon - "YuGiOh!" monster card

:uni_lili" Uni
"Uni" - that's what we usually call universities in German

:akari_lili: Kizuna Akari
Kizuna AI - virtual YouTuber

:chris_lili: Chris
Chris Brown - musician

:amy_lili: Amy
Amy - from the cartoon "Futurama"

:sora_lili: Sora
Sora - from the anime "Beyblade: Metal Fusion"
Sora - from the game series "Kingdom Hearts"

:rune_lili: Rune
"Rune Factory" - video game series

:satou_sasara_lili: Satou Sasara
Satou Murano - from the manga "Parasyte"

:namineritsu_lili: Namine Ritsu
Ritsu - from the game "Caligula Effect"

:daisyhapyon_lili: Daisy
Daisy - from the "Super Mario" games

Wow, my list doubled after I saw lIlI's sprite list.


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Apr 8, 2018
:miku_lili: Miku Hanasaki from Fatal Frame
:lily_lili: Lily/Yuri from Mach GoGoGo (aka Speed Racer)
:miriam_lili: Miriam Pataki from Hey Arnold
:ruby_lili: Ruby Rose from RWBY


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Apr 8, 2018
I got a couple, all the characters coming from Magical Girl Raising Project

Yumemi Nemu/Nemurin

Chika/Chika Tatehara (aka Pechka)

Aoki Lapis/Lapis Lazuline

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