Making CeVIO smoother?


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Apr 8, 2018
I'm new to using CeVIO, and an issue I've noticed with IA English is her natural choppiness, specifucally on vowels. Going from words ending with vowels to words starting with them and spreading vowels across multiple notes seems extremely choppy.

For general, you can mess with timing but that doesn't seem to help. Would it have something to do with editing pitch as well? I've tried a bit and couldn't fix it, but maybe I'm just not good enough with the editor yet.

On a side note: does anyone know how to stop CeVIO from keeping multiple syllable words in one note? It's really annoying and I think it's tedious having to input lyrics manually just to input phonemes every multiple syllable word. It makes everything take so much longer to do...


cherish chika
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Mar 25, 2018
It seems the dictionary is a bit weird, but for separating syllables it usually works like this. If it doesn't function you'll just have to manually input, but most common words it'll understand just fine.

For the smoothness the easiest way is to mess with Timing like this Basically taking the last and first line before this purple one and moving them as close as possible to each other. Here's a picture explaining it all from a CeVIO guide.

Other than that messing with tuning and volume and such is the other ways to smooth out a voice in CeVIO.


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