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  • I’ve started a big project for Avanna called Harvest Avanna! You can find the official Twitter @HarvestAvanna containing an announcement as well as an input form to help get the ball rolling with community ideas!
    I'm currently logging different artists I want to commission to draw my new OC in the future, if that interests you, please reply to the post on my Twitter (@TheKonasaur) or reply here so I can have you in my list
    //I'll link the specific tweet looking for artists later but it's near the top of my Twitter
    Have a project I'm slowly thinking about, please see my poll and give me some input on it! Gonna talk more about it in a journal tonight
    My mic/lyric test is here! I talked about it in my journal, but if you didn't read it, this is a test with the rival encounter theme from Pokemon RBY, using lyrics I wrote and an arrangement from the Pokémon RBY Piano Collection album by Trevor Alan Gomes. Highly recommend that album if you like the piano in this test
    Anyway, enjoy my late night singing combined with my lazy Audacity mixing
    The Blindasaur fact I put in my journal thread last night is an interesting one for anyone who’s curious about how legally blind (not fully blind) can still read and stuff even though I genuinely see every paper as blank/just black dots normally
    The next tier for medals has been reached and announced! Please see the Medals thread for the announcement
    I talk about singing a lot, and I talk avout my lack of a mic a lot so I decided to suck it up, open Audacity, and try my built-in mic! Now you can actually hear me sing for once, except it’s a oneshot so don’t expect much
    I found a demo of Voiceful on the Voiceful ebsjte that people can use if they don’t have/use Unity. It seems like you can see how Voiceful can change your own recordings in the demos, which might be cool to play around with
    I’m gonna make a journal later tonight but right now, just kinsa on mobile hanging out because I’m too lazy to pull out the laptop
    Ah dang it! The newest Windows feature update gave my laptop a blue screen...uninstalling the update and praying everything is okay
    Blue Of Mind
    Blue Of Mind
    I hardly check Windows Update on Win10 right now because I know the major updates can cause BSoDs and other issues. Why does Microsoft do this when they know a bunch of Win10 machines always go kaput every time? :(
    Ooh, ouch. Good luck!
    I did a little experiment making all five supported languages of Vocaloid imitate German. I did it really quick and simple just to test, but it’s still interesting to see.

    You can find all that in my most recent journal post!
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