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Most Iconic KAITO Original Songs 2006-2020


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Apr 8, 2018
Hello, Vocaverse. :kaito2_move:

I've been a Kaito fan for 9 years now, and in that time I've seen almost every opinion on him there is. Yeah, Kaito is one of the most recognizable Vocaloids, but in 2020 it's rare that I (personally) find people who actively seek out songs with him. I made this list for an anniversary project I'm doing, with no intention to post it. But after meeting so many people who can't name a song with him that wasn't from over a decade ago, I thought this collection might help a little.
Kaito is one of the oldest Vocaloids, so it was fun to track his growth over such a long period of time. There are definitely some songs I missed (I used VocaDB to find all of these), but I can always add more.
*Note: This thread is not made to shame people who don't go out of their way to look for niche Vocaloid content. I'm also not saying these are "must listens" or anything, just the most notable Kaito songs from certain years.

I chose songs that had a substantial view count (depending on the release year). These picks are personal and based on my own opinions of what's "iconic".
There are duets/group songs and not just solos here, too. Kaito's success was heavily influenced by Miku's release, and of course a lot of popular Kaito songs are duets with Meiko.
I was considering including the Hitoshizuku x Yama and Machigerita songs where Kaito sings, but....even if they are popular, Kaito doesn't really have a lead role in them.

I was around for a good chunk of these song releases, so I'll also include notes on what I remember from those years, who entered the community, what was going on, etc. There's a lot more to Kaito fandom than just ice cream and folk music, trust me.
I used Youtube links for most of these since it's more convenient, but I would definitely recommend giving the producers views on their own uploads. I might look for better/more official links later, because...typing all this out took like 2 hours

2006- It was very hard to find anything notable with Kaito released this year-mostly his demos and some various covers/remixes on niconico. Most of the Vocaloid niconico stuff from this year uses Meiko. I did find one video which I think is a cover?-but the link in the description is broken.

2007-This is when Kaito started to become a "thing." The video that made Kaito associated with ice cream was also posted this year (the upload only has 144k views-talk about the butterfly effect!) Most originals, etc. with him were duets.

2008- This was THE year for Kaito. If you play Project Diva, you've definitely heard these songs before. I threw Old Radio and Crimson Flower in there for some lesser known classics.

Cantarella by KuroUsaP
Cendrillon by SignalP
Thousand Year Solo by yanagiP
Shineba ii no ni by Dobu Usagi
Crimson Flower by WandererP
Old Radio by ul

Pair of Wintry Winds by ShigotoshiteP/hinayukki
Erase or Zero by CrystalP/HzEdge​

2009- Another very iconic year for Kaito. This is about the time natsuP, mothy, and Shinjou-p started making songs with Kaito: names you'll see a few more times in this list.

Ashes to Ashes by Tennen
Setsugetsuka by natsuP
Time Forgotten One by ShigotoshiteP/hinayukki
Rosary Pale by ShinjouP
Warum by MazoP
Blue Lotus by PairoP
Wake-up Call by OSTER Project
Song of the Clocktower by 3106

Imitation Black by natsuP
ACUTE by KuroUsaP​

2010- Quite a few hits were released this year, Mayuko also started making Kaito songs in 2010 and is still doing it today. Shinjou has unfortunately deleted many of their old songs, but reprints of them can be found. The creative circle Gensou Airly started making music in this year, mostly Kaito/Gakupo/Len/Kiyoteru idol songs.

Judgement of Corruption by mothy
Pane dhiria by ShinjouP
Heartbeat Clocktower by mothy
The Greatest Sin March by Machigerita
What's COLOR? by ShinjouP
Tsuki-Yuki-Hana by Ebot
Sweet's beast by MendayP
Niibiro Sora ni Hanafubuki by ShigotoshiteP/Hinayukki

Undertaker of Blue Rose by mayuko
Your Highness My Princess by PantanP/Gensou Airly​

2011- The amount of popular songs tapers off a bit here. However, Kaito was used in a number of group songs this year. Gensou Airly was very active, too.

Haitoku no Kioku~The Lost Memory~ by natsuP
FLOWER TAIL by yuukiss

iNSaNiTY by CircusP
Arrest Rose by natsuP
Yume Kara Ochita Kajitsu by PantanP/Gensou Airly​

2012- More of what we've come to expect for Kaito songs of this era: new songs from mothy, Shinjou, and SCL Project dominated here.

Wireless Idol by Daisuke Ohnuma
Prayer Voice by mayuko
Mind Scientist by ShinjouP

Room 13943 by natsuP
Handbeat Clocktower by mothy​

2013- This is the year Kaito was updated for V3, and because of that we got a downpour of songs that have now become classics. Halyosy also started making group songs about this time.

Crescent Moon by KuroUsaP
Salamander of Soap by BucchigiriP
Mikaboshi by 3106
Wireless Idol (Remaster) by Daisuke Ohnuma
Caged Flower by Re:nG
Loops and loops by sat

Impulse x Pandemonics by PolyphonicBranch
Natsu Fuu Realize by PantanP/Gensou Airly​

2014- The most important release this year was definitely Snowman. It was a little hard to find songs from this year for some reason? Nevertheless, the pickings are pretty good.

Snowman by Halyosy
Blessing by Halyosy (I just had to include one of the group songs, they're so great)

On the rocks by OSTER Project
Stalemate by Re:nG
SHOOT ON TOKYO! by natsuP & haku​

2015- This is another HUGE year for Kaito. Why? Nyanyannya started making Kaito songs. Doctor=Funkbeat is far from the only Kaito song Nyanyannya has made; he's been carrying the Kaito community for 5 years now. Re:nG also started getting a bit more popular this year.

Doctor=Funk Beat by nyanyannya
Drug of Gold by mothy
falgift by mayuko

Kotonoha Tsuzuri by ShigotoshiteP/hinayukki​

2016- This year was Kaito's 10th anniversary. Attakaito is pretty much the theme song of this year, as it should be. The iconic Kaito/Naoto duet version of At Gods Mercy was released this year on the album for Kaito's 10th anniversary. I know it's a cover but I couldn't resist adding it.

Attakaito by halyosy
Funk beat Junk beat by nyanyannya (this link goes to the remastered version, but the original version was posted in 2016)
Hyper Gore Flying Squirrel Stick Disappear-y Genius by nyanyannya

Association Actress~Hunter and Beast~ by Hitoshizuku and Yama
At God's Mercy (cover), song by rerulili
2017- Nyanyannya once again delivers. Re:nG continues to use Kaito., but I haven't added many of their songs because most of them don't have a lot of views. :kaito_lili: But they're still worth a look.

DIZZ You XXX IT? by nyanyannya
1/4 by CircusP
The Moment Before the End by Lystrialle

El Tango Egoista by nyanyannya
Kakuen no Philosophia by Nyanyannya
Innocent Flower by natsuP​

2018- This was a pretty dry year, all things considered. The ABCD Kaito album fan project was active around this time, though, and Shinjou wrote a couple original songs for it.

ARIA by ShinjouP
Fantasy Kaleidoscope by Re:nG
Karisome no Lycoris by Re:nG​

2019- This maybe doesn't count as a huge year for Kaito, but one big change did come- Kasamura Toota became popular. They're mostly known for using Miku, but they also have some Kaito songs. Not gonna lie, Haisou makes me cry every time I listen to it(doesn't help that it's about persisting in life throughout countless failures...just like Kaito).
Kashii Moimi also rose to prominence: while also more known for their Miku songs, Moimi is a huge fan of Kaito. And Umetora had a song with Kaito in it. thats cool

Haisou by Kasamura Toota
Manmade Wings by Kasamura Toota
Noel de Figaro by nyanyannya
Hanairo by Kashii Moimi
Invincible-code by ShigotoshiteP/hinayukki
Anata wo Sukuu Hana Koso Are by Kasamura Toota

Tsukiyo no Otome by natsuP
SURVIVE by Umetora​

2020- Yes, there have been some Kaito hits in 2020! Since most of them don't have a lot of notoriety yet, I mostly just picked my favorites from this year. Toota has been very active. So has ShinjouP.

Oni o Karu Mono by ShigotoshiteP/hinayukki
Von Braun and Submarine by nyanyannya
Hanairo by Kashii Moimi
Lose one's Link by ShinjouP

Kutsu to Tsume by Kasamura Toota​

If you read this far, you deserve a whole tub of vanilla ice cream! If you listened to even one song in this thread you haven't heard of before, then I'm glad. Even if not, I'm glad, because you took time out of your day to read something I wrote.
Maybe Kaito's popularity has been in a downward spiral since 2010. But a lot of the people who were making hits back then are still here now, and we have some new names in the Kaito fandom to look forward to.:kaito_ani_lili:
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