1. Mys

    Kaito Loreley sings-新城P Ft. KAITO

    Just when we needed her, the legend returns.
  2. Nebula

    [VOCALOID ORIGINAL] Nebula - Blue feat. KAITO

  3. K

    Help with vqsx

    Hi! I'm having trouble loading vqsx's into piapro and Vocaloid 3. I'm using KAITO V3 and I'm not sure why I can get some to load and not others. If I load it using Vocaloid 3, it gives me an error. If I try it with piaro it crashes the entire program and I have to restart my computer. Plz help!
  4. rea sanka

    Kaito Let Me To Love You - Live I.A.T.M Version 1

    Available in other Digital Stores: Spotify ITunes Amazon QQ
  5. Vepar

    【IA V3, VY2 V5】Snowman【VOCALOID Collab Cover】

    Better just a tad too late than never, right? Here's a christmas collab I recently put together with my good friend Vetis! I'm really happy with the tuning and mix, and this time it's with a little something for our resident IA and VY2 fans. Hopefully y'all enjoy listening to it as much as I do!
  6. TheStarPalace

    VOCALOID Most Iconic KAITO Original Songs 2006-2020

    Hello, Vocaverse. :kaito2_move: I've been a Kaito fan for 9 years now, and in that time I've seen almost every opinion on him there is. Yeah, Kaito is one of the most recognizable Vocaloids, but in 2020 it's rare that I (personally) find people who actively seek out songs with him. I made this...
  7. Yugifu1

    Can't find my Vocaloid 1 products in the Vocaloid Deactivation Tool

    Hi, I have to deactivate all my Vocaloid products including all my V1s, but this time there is no V1 in the Deactivation Tool! The Vocaloid1s are all active, I can use them, so there is a problem in the app. What can I do? Isn't there a way to turn them off? Probably an old method used when...
  8. Aurumantem

    Aurumantem's covers!

    This is where I am going to put all of my new covers, hopefully making it easier to sort them! 10/11/2020: Meltdown - KAITO V1, Youtube Link
  9. Profile pic

    Profile pic

  10. rea sanka

    Kaito Like A Formerly - T.R.W.O.C Part 04-02

    I knew, she has gone... I knew, you will not came back. But now, you have returned and saw me at front of both these my eyes. while brought full hatred and revenge to me... Available in other digital stores Spotify ITunes Deezer Copyright @2018 - @2020
  11. TheStarPalace

    nyanyannya & Kaito - Shanghai Keai Dream/上海可愛夢

    It's mostly nyanyannya singing, but Kaito has some excellent rap parts. There's also a Chinese version of this song!
  12. Kazumimi

    sigotositeP (Hinayukki) feat. Kaito and Meiko - A Pair of Wintry Winds (2019 version)

    It looks like the producer behind "A Pair of Wintry Winds" has made an updated version of the song! :D
  13. trashyvoid

    [ GACKPOID X KAITO Cover ] World's End Dancehall

    I'm very happy with how the mixing and the video turned out! You can retweet the art here, if you'd like.
  14. Mei-Saime

    BML 2019

    Heyo! A trailer for BiliBili Micro Link 2019 has been released along with who will perform at BML 2019 VR! Not only do we have VTubers HimeHina performing, but Crypton Future Media Vocaloids will be making their debut at BML alongside returning Vocaloid group VSinger and Muta's Yan Xi! Edit...
  15. BigScreenTV

    SignalP's 10th Anniversary Cendrillon remix using Miku V4 and Kaito V3

    It sounds more orchestral than the original. The re-tuned voices make it sound better but I prefer the original version's instruments. Man Cendrillon is such a throwback song. Edit: I take my comment about the instrumentals back this version is good.
  16. Mooverse resized.png

    Mooverse resized.png

    Mooverse banner by toa-of-ice (PlayStation Network) / @Thorn_Reed from Twitter/Piapro.
  17. uncreepy

    Other Cryptonloid voicebank updates, collabs, & concert news (crypton_wat Twitter translations)

    Note: This thread will be continuously updated from now on to have the latest crypton_wat tweets as they are posted. Stay tuned for juicy Cryptonloid news! Hi, I'm one of the uncreepy twins and stalking translating crypton_wat's tweets is a big hobby of mine. A lot my translations were lost to...