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Myst's UST & Off-Vocal Collection

Resource Myst's UST & Off-Vocal Collection


Yamaha ha ha ha ha
Apr 8, 2018
Tennessee, USA
MystSaphyr submitted a new resource:

Myst's UST & Off-Vocal Collection - All UST and instrumental files I've made available for download, both cover and original.

Latest Update

Up to date as of Jan 28, 2020

Terms of Use

  • Credit the original producer of the below songs. Producers are listed in READMEs.
  • Credit MystSaphyr for the below files.
  • If a file contains other credits (editors, lyricists, etc.) please include them as well.
  • Do not redistribute these files or claim as your own.
  • Ask before redistributing ANY altered files, such as lyrics/phoneme edits, retuning, or file...
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