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Rules Rules for Fanclubs


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Mar 7, 2018
Welcome to the fanclubs section!

This is where you can create and join threads dedicated to specific voice synth mascots, ships, producers, etc. There you can share and discuss media and thoughts with other fans. But before you go on, please check out the following rules for this subforum:

Rules for users:
  1. Make sure your posts are relevant and add to the conversation. Users go to fanclubs to talk and find information about things they love. They don't want to scroll through 2+ pages of people asking “Can I join?” Instead, say you'd like to join and include a link to your favourite song, discuss why you love said Vocaloid, or respond to what someone else has said.
Rules for creators:
  1. Everyone is welcome. If you want to include a member list, you may. But you are not allowed to tell anyone that they are not allowed to join.
  2. Stay active. If the manager is found to be inactive in the thread for over a month, then another user is allowed to contact a mod to take over.
  3. You may only make one fanclub every 7 days. In order to let all users have a chance to run a fanclub thread, we have imposed a minimum of a week between creating fanclubs.
  4. You may not manage more than 5 fanclubs. For the time being there is a limit on how many fanclubs you can manage. Please think about what clubs you want to create carefully.
  5. Don't abandon your old clubs to make new clubs. If you do not wish to run a club anymore ask someone else in the club if they want to take over then message a mod or admin. After it is transferred, then you may create a new club. Users found to be consistently abandoning clubs to make new ones will have creation privileges temporarily removed within the fanclubs section.
Tips for running a fanclub:
  1. An organized first post makes a difference. While not required, having a fanclub manager that keeps the front post up to date with playlists, fanart and other content from the thread itself makes the place feel more fun.
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Apr 8, 2018
Question: would you help me post an artwork from DeviantArt?
If the artwork is yours, there are ways you can post your artwork on to a thread, which we can specify separately if you would like
But if the artwork is from deviantArt user that is not you, because we do not have a deviantArt embed feature, it may be best to leave a link only

One way you can leave only a link is to do the following:
[URL='URL HERE']your text here[/URL]
In URL HERE, insert your URL, such as vocaverse.network
In "your text here", insert the text you want to put that will link to the page.

That way you can have text such as this:

I found some artwork I like:
Artwork 1
I found some artwork I like:
[URL='https://www.deviantart.com/']Artwork 1[/URL]
Hope this helps, let me know if you need anything else

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