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  • I wish "Catch the Wave" was available more broadly than just as a Sonoca card exclusive to the Mega 39 OST collection.
    Haha, I love this: Kodo x Hatsune Miku encourages everyone to enjoy their upcoming concert rebroadcast at home, but to please be respectful of your neighbors since it's late at night:

    As seen from one of Keto bot's incarnations:
    Optimum Advance Keto Prevention is better than a cure, so as pigmentation and hyperpigmentation are largely caused by over exposure to the sun, it's highly recommended that you wear a broad-spectrum SPF daily to keep your skin safe and stop any further damage occurring. If it's very hot and sunny, then wear a hat and don't expose your skin to the sun during the hottest part of the day.
    But what the frack does skin pigmentation have to do with not eating carbs...?
    I love our spam:
    Pure Herbal Immunity Blend Oil top notch item that is alright for the two people.
    Well GOOD. A product that works well, or at least ok, for 2 people. Well done!

    (I have a really interesting suspicion that AI wrote the text for the spam messages we got for this oil stuff. I've nothing to substantiate this, but it just feels like they read a little differently from Google Translated junk posts.)
    It definitely doesn't fit the situation perfectly (Miku doesn't need a plane to get to her shows in Japan, for instance, and this song seems clearly to be about two lovers rather than a singer and her fans.), but I've been thinking about this song a good bit for the last few days in light of all the Coronavirus/rescheduling stuff.

    "Leaving on a Jet Plane," originally written by John Denver, and covered here by Chantal Kreviazuk for the movie "Armageddon."
    It's an age-old problem: I live indoors almost all year. So when the weather finally gets nice, I want to go out and see the sun and the sky when it's not 1) cold 2) rainy or 3) snowy.

    But I don't have a ton of free time. And my song(s) need me....

    Dang it, why can't Vocaloid be an outdoor sport!? :)


    (Actually, I did make it out for awhile while it was nice out this weekend. In between moments appreciating nature, I fell asleep out there. :) )
    So, I've been working on my music today. I use BT headphones, and for awhile I took a break and did some other stuff, using my computer's speakers.

    Then I came back, turned on my headphones, and was baffled by the weird echo/humming I was getting whenever Miku sang. I checked that only one Piapro track was getting sung at a time. I closed/reopened Studio One, looked for something I might have turned on by accident.... I was getting concerned that a file got corrupted or something.

    Then I saw the light on my soundbar. Of course there was an echo--I was hearing both the speakers and the headphones, which, being wireless, have a slight delay.

    Ha ha ha ha ha!

    Turned the soundbar off. No more echo! :kaito_move:

    Ok, back to work! :miku_chickadee:
    I've had the chorus to "Maybe Lucky" stuck in my head all weekend....

    When I really get into a song, sometimes if I'm by myself I'll turn the music up and hum along. My birds get into Vocaloid music sometimes, but they just looked at me like I was crazy.

    Now it's Monday, and that chorus isn't going anywhere. I'm getting visions of my work turning into a musical, and this theme blasting amid my coworkers singing and dancing....

    Do you think I'm sleep-deprived or something? These crazy ideas must be coming from somewhere.... :)
    I imagine weird/impossible stuff about work all the time (like everyone fighting off a robber or a fight breaking out in the back room dramatically or imagine meeting a star or something like that), I feel like thinking of imaginary situations is normal to kill time or just plan scenarios (not matter how unlikely they may be). Are you concerned because you never imagine things like this until lately and feel like it's not normal for you?
    Nah, I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. Especially since the song is stuck, I'm sure I'd just rather think about it than the stuff I'm supposed to be thinking about :) . The musical scene is actually characteristic of my sense of humor sometimes, especially when I get a bit punchy :).

    I probably should have ended that status post with a :) emoji or something. We're all good'n sane here! I'm sorry for concerning you; I didn't mean to worry anyone! Thank you for caring!

    Edit: Updated original post to add emoji.
    I swear, if I were magical, I think I'd probably have a Miku-shaped Patronus.

    Also, my MP3 player is set to random, and it just picked the very song I was thinking about. It has over 100 choices ATM, and it picked exactly the one I had in mind.


    I wish I could run my MP3 player and work on music at the same time, because I need to block out some...things...

    Oh well. No wizard can cast two spells at once....
    While working on our Tuning Resource, it's been fun to see how many times Vocaloid Wiki lists threads from the old VocaloidOtaku as references. And plenty of VO's members are here, so...that's really cool, too :kaito_move:.
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