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  • I'm thinking of making a career change. I'm curious--for anyone who knows me sort of well, what kind of job do you think would be most appropriate? Or, maybe that's better expressed as, what kind of work would you imagine me doing?
    It's Memorial Day in the U.S. In addition to its official meaning, it's also sort of the unofficial start of summer. So I listened to some Beach Boys music.

    The BBs are good but aren't typically my favorite group. But...they use the word "positraction" in a song. Hell, you've gotta respect that.
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    They were pretty good in the studio, but not so great live...
    The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds and the Beatles' Sgt Pepper were pretty huge leaps in the craft of music production. If you compare other music from the time to something like Good Vibrations, the leap in orchestration and sound design is crazy. (Though I'd say the sound engineering sorcery at Abbey Road, such as the invention of artificial double tracking, were a bigger deal.) I've always leaned more toward the Beatles lol.
    @parallax_fifths: Based on the comments, that video seems to be some kind of parody. Some of the comments do seem to share the opinion that the BBs were better in-studio, though.

    I've always preferred the Beatles, myself, but I'm happy to give credit for the sound design/etc. Heck, it sounds good, too, especially if I'm in the right mood.
    Any Persona 5 fans here?

    Does anyone else think that Sophia from Persona 5 Strikers might take some inspiration from Hatsune Miku? Sophia's really different, but there are a number of interesting points about her:
    • She's is found locked up in a box in the basement of the first dungeon
    • She's an AI refers to herself as "humanity's companion"
    • She's often humming or singing something during dialogue with other characters, and she comments on how much/often humans like to sing
    • She has twintails composed of heart-shaped segments (The heart shapes aren't unique, but it's not unusual to see hearts in a Miku song at a CFM concert, either.) Her hair is bright red, but if you wanted you could argue that that's a case of being sure that the new character is different from the inspiration.
    • Her color scheme is based on white
    I'm curious about the giveaway I just shared in the Non-Vocal Synth Audio Software/Hardware Sale Thread. I'm only familiar with a few of the items in the bundle of free stuff:
    • Neutron Elements
    • Ethereal Earth
    • Black Box Analog Design HG-2
    • Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
    • Ampeg SVT emulation
    • bx_masterdesk
    • bx_oberhausen
    • bx_console Focusrite SC
    The standout to me is Ethereal Earth, which is a normally paid product that I think is probably relatively popular. Neutron is also quite good (although here you get the most basic version). What do you think of the others?
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    I haven't checked them out yet, but I saw the sale mentioned on Reddit, and I compulsively grab and try VSTs, so it's on my to-do list lol.

    On a related note, I just found out that Arturia is also doing a giveaway of Augmented Strings Intro until the end of the month. Haven't tried it yet, but hey, free plugin. Arturia - Augmented STRINGS Intro - Augmented STRINGS Intro
    I interested in oberhausen synth the most, i haven't try other plugins yet.
    As far as i know, bx_masterdesk is a Tone shaper/Harmonic enhancer, shadow hills is self explanatory, Black box is a tubes box, or colors box that have adjustable Pentode/Triode knob that you see on some guitar amps.
    bx_console focusrite is a channel strip, basically. I'm familiar with it, but it has gate and de-ess/exciter build-in, i think this is very interesting.
    Dan Worrall did a video on the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor:
    Is there any standard convention regarding who the artist of a remix is? Is it the original creator, or the person who remixed?
    If anyone's looking for some nice, clean synth keyboard sounds, check out Arturia's Analog Lab Intro. It's free!

    It's basically a virtual version of physical synth keyboards. The Intro version has a bunch of presets, with each preset being made using one or two virtual synths. If you want more presets, you can upgrade to Analog Lab V. And if you want the instruments themselves, you can further upgrade to the V Collection.

    These libraries can make some nice sounds for EDM/techno/trance/etc. music, so if you're looking, maybe give it a shot.
    I'm trying to get a sense of what's going on for the various CeVIO engines and a few VBs. Does this look right?
    • Original CeVIO
      • Includes IA English C, ONE, and others.
        • IA-C has a somewhat different tone from the original Vocaloid VB because it has a different voice provider (not Lia).
    • CeVIO AI
      • Includes IA AI (Japanese)
        • No English support has been announced so far.
        • IA's tone has also been pitched differently (up into a more moe voice, IIRC; the pitching is relative to IA-C, I assume).
      • Also includes Yuzuki Yukari Rei.
    • CeVIO Pro
      • New non-AI engine.
      • Works on a subscription payment model, unless you're using the free Chis-A.
    (By "includes," I guess I mean more like "supports.")
    There's a reason I bought the Miku V4X bundle despite barely knowing enough Japanese to fill the side of a matchbook. And I just used it. :)

    (I know, it's not a big deal at all. Whenever I use it, though, it makes me feel good about the investment.)
    I've just woken up from an unsettling dream: my least favorite world leader had returned to power. In a press statement, he'd misspelled "ammunition" and was asking if we could change the dictionary spelling so he'd be correct.

    This has actually made me feel weird enough that I'm posting about it here.
    I was just thinking a few days ago, "I really feel like going to one of those online DJ things. I wish there'd be another one...." And then I remembered that there IS going to be a Digital Stars in May! Hope they livestream it!
    I was just flipping through some samples recently to find the perfect percussion bit. When I noticed how happy I was feeling, I realized, "I need to do more of this sort of thing." (Rather than the unenjoyable stuff I'm so often doing.)

    My life won't improve unless I do the unenjoyable stuff, though, so.... There's some balancing to be done, or something.
    I was surprised to get a new update email from CFM recently for Miku Expo 2021 Online. Unfortunately, it's marked "backers only," so I feel like I should honor their wishes and not share the contents. Which is too bad, because the update just details some rather generous and stand-up policies related to supporters and merch.

    Oh well. I hope you'll take my word for it, because it's too bad when decent acts stay in the dark.
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