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  • I've wondered for awhile, what does "PV" stand for, anyway? I could understand "MV" (music video), but what's the "P?"
    yeah, its Promotional Video for PV. and Music Video for MV. a lot of people call their own original videos for covers PVs still, even tho the acronym is typically supposed to just be for "official" videos for original songs. I think its a phrase that just caught on as it was seen often on videos with original animations for songs, and so anyone making any kind of original content/animations for a cover video would call it such too. and because of its association people tend to recognize it and know its a cover with its own unique videos too
    ooh i thought it stood for "personal video" but "promotional" makes sense too
    Thanks everyone!
    Happy Miku Day, everyone! I've released a new chillwave song: "Walk with Me"!

    "Walk with Me" is the first video I've attempted that includes animations that are synced to the music!

    I entered this song into Vocacolle, so I wasn't able to share it while the event was ongoing. It's also available on SoundCloud!

    I hope you enjoy it!

    Does anyone know if there's a limit to the number of tags you can/should add to a video when you upload it to Nico Nico? I'd like for people to be able to add tags/edit unlocked tags after the video is posted, but I'm not positive how the number of tags the video already has might affect that. Somehow I haven't found any documentation that's both current and official.

    I've seen some guidance online that indicates you can set maybe 9-10, or maybe up to 15 tags. But I think it can vary depending on if you're a premium member or not. The video upload page says I can set up to 6 tags, but the tags don't carry over anyway, and I've set more than that by watching the video after posting it and just setting them there.
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    yes yes, maximum tags are 11, which 5 of them can be locked ^-^
    the list of premium features is very long, and those are indeed premium features for both an uploader and a watching user:
    (only in japanese)
    also, I recommend this reddit page:
    it explain many things, for example about the tags:
    Each video on Nico can be given up to 11 tags in each language (e.g. the Japanese tags are only visible when the language is set to Japanese). These are community-generated; at any time, any user can add tags or delete those tags that are not locked by the creator. (On recent uploads or very popular videos, you can see "tag wars" in action.) Some tags are for organization (e.g. "Touhou MMD"), while others are jokes popular on Nico or based on puns and only appear on that particular video. Clicking on the tag name brings up a list of videos with that tag. A tag may also have a red square next to it with the character 百, which indicates that it has a Nicopedia article (also community-generated, though only premium accounts can edit). This is one of the most amusing parts of Nico, but you unfortunately can't enjoy it without knowing some Japanese.
    Thank you very much!
    The ones you specify on the video upload page are also automatically locked, but any added on the video page once it's live are not (you have to click the lock icon).

    Tags are also separate on the JP and deprecated EN versions of the site, as I find out during a VocaColle.
    There was a MIKU BREAK live show, wasn't there? I wonder what that was like. I'm imagining Miku and the live performers being on stage together more or less constantly the whole time, putting on the show as a combined little group of 4-6 performers. That would've been really cool to see!

    That's sort of how I imagine my hypothetical Miku-Blue Man Group collab idea, too.... Though I could see her being offstage periodically, too, as was done at Miku x Kodo, for segments where BMG has more focus.
    Oof... The new Miku Thunderbolt figure looks really cool, with bright colors and tons of intricate detail. But at 317mm (about 12.5 inches) tall, she just barely won't fit in my curio cabinet.

    I hope that, if they ever take up my idea of a "NEPPUU" figure, they make her a bit shorter (maybe 250mm or so)--I'd be REALLY disappointed if she didn't fit.

    (Though I'd think that most of the details of that design--the trailing parts of her clothes, her hair, the flute--would be horizontal anyway. Though horizontal space is a concern also.)
    Sometimes I wonder what a collaborative show between Miku and Blue Man Group might look like.

    BMG is a unique experience. As I understand, they build many of their own instruments out of PVC pipe; these, along with drums (often with a splashing pool of backlight-reactive neon paint on top), are also backed by a band playing traditional guitars/etc.

    A BMG performance (at least the one I was fortunate enough to see) is as much about theater as it is music. While playing, the performers are wearing blue paint that sort of anonymizes them. It makes them sort of archetypical humans, who can deal with their music and the themes around which their show focuses with fundamentally human reactions--usually curiosity and humor (and the show did have several very funny moments).

    BMG did an album a number of years ago called The Complex. As I heard it explained, its goal was to take BMG out of their usual zone a bit and imagine them as more mainstream rock stars. So they considered what common themes of rock are and partnered with popular mainstream rock vocalists to do the vocals. For example, some of my favorite tracks were "Up to the Roof," which dealt with going your own way rather than following the "conventional" path, and "Persona," which dealt with the homogenizing/dehumanizing effect of trying to be who others expect rather than who you are.

    Returning to my original point, I wonder what a similar collab between Miku and BMG could be. It should be a different theme that suits the participants, and it would need custom songs written just for the show in order to best manifest its potential and suit the performers. But I could see there being some cool possibilities there.

    BMG performs at several venues across the US, as well as some others; they've even visited Japan. It'd be best to be there, but streaming options would be killer, too. Just as long as the tickets aren't locked into exclusive pre-order arrangements.
    I'm finishing up a song (for Vocacolle in 2 weeks!), and I'm trying to figure out its genre so I can include it in the tags. Would anyone be willing to listen to a sample of my WIP and offer an opinion? (I'm not great at identifying genre, lol.)

    Nothing says you have to tag the song with its genre; I just like to so people know what it is/can find it if it's the genre they want. It's sort of part of me figuring out what kind of music I like making, too, since I sort of experiment with lots of stuff.
    The classical (heh) example is an orchestra. Most orchestral instruments are monophonic, so they can't create harmony themselves, and typically have a relatively narrow octave range compared to something like a piano. They're arranged into sections, where they play different notes in a chord to create a big, harmonized sound. e.g. cello playing a C in a low octave and violin and viola playing E and G in higher ones create a big Cmaj chord spread across different timbres. And the cello could be playing a rhythm while the upper ones play sustained notes, or vice versa. The same goes for a brass section or woodwinds, and different parts of a piece may make use of multiple sections of instruments. Your strings can lay down a "pad" while your brass plays a lead, or whatever.

    All sound is effectively additive though, so if you put too many things in the same pitch range at the same time, they'll just step on each other. You just have to spread things out in either axis (pitch or time).
    Thank you for all the useful help. The Bass lead Keys Pad and precussion are the base nessesities for a complete song? If so then Vital pretty much have all the catagories.
    Bass, Lead, Keys, Pad, Precussion, Sequence, Experiment, SFX and template.
    I'm looking at a instument list, which if these clash?
    Drums, bass, Piano in offbeat, guitar, pads, Strat and Strings, Sequencers, lead Brass synth, chord synth. The Strat+Strings and guitar would clash and piano, sequencers and synth would clash or be redundent I'm presuming. Do those sweeps from impact vst's and samplers work same as pads and they clash with each other too? Overlaying all of them near a breakdown or drop would be harmonic or dicordiant.
    The Bass lead Keys Pad and precussion are the base nessesities for a complete song?
    This gets back to the idea that there aren't any hard and fast rules about what a song must have. You'll find different people advocating for different lists of parts, and which parts a song will include could vary by genre also. If you're trying to make a song in a particular genre, it would help to research what kinds of instruments are commonly used in that genre. Otherwise, if you're trying just to recreate a sound that's in your head, what instruments to include is entirely up to you.

    I think the boiled-down version of one of the main points we discussed above was that when instruments make similar sounds at the same time, their sounds will tend to merge together and be perceived as one sound. (This may or may not be what you want--it's just something to be aware of while laying out your song.) So the issue boils down to what sounds the instruments are making and when. This should hopefully help with your question about the different instruments.

    There is also one additional piece of advice that trumps many others: you'll be able to hear when what you have sounds good. Abstract rules about what sounds good together make good guidelines, but often you can't really tell if something will work until you can hear it. This is particularly applicable to the sweeps you mentioned. They're basically just noises, so it's hard to know if they'll sound good together or not--it's something you'll have to try out and probably play with a bit until you get what you want.

    This is maybe the second time I've seen sleeves shown as their own thing. I don't think we generally have something like that where I'm from, so I'm curious what people use them for. They seem like they'd be good for keeping the sun off your arms while letting you still wear t-shirts, tank tops, and other lighter shirts?
    correct! ^-^ other than being a fashion thing, those sleeves can help to protect the arms from sun while walking or riding a bicycle. In fact, girls in Japan also sometimes use umbrella to protect during strong summer sun. Those kind of sleeves are also useful in spring or some summer nights that aren't that hot, or inside offices/shops/stations that runs air conditioner and it might be too cold sometimes :haiyi_ani_lili:
    I've found two images from Piapro that I'd like to combine (basically insert the Miku from one into the background of the other). Both images have the scissors icon that indicates editing is ok. I would think that means that it should be ok to combine them, provided that I credit both creators and let them know that I used their artwork (same as you would do when using just one image), right? Does anyone know differently?
    You know, I've mentioned occasionally viewing webcam videos from Japan before--the scenery is beautiful, and I find it relaxing.

    I noticed once a few weeks ago that the image seemed to tremble momentarily. At first, I thought I'd imagined it. Then I thought maybe the wind was shaking the window the camera was looking through, or possibly it was a passing train, or someone walking by the table where the camera was sitting. Or maybe the camera was on a tall pole where the wind could affect it more easily. It wasn't just in one location, either--I've seen it in a few.

    But I saw the image move probably 12 times while watching briefly today, and much more vigorously than before. Given the recent increase in seismic activity around the Pacific, as well as the recent earthquake...I'd guess these must be tremors, if not technically aftershocks. :cry:

    Yet things like cars keep moving (You probably couldn't feel it while inside a moving car, I guess.). I doubt you could miss the event while inside the building, though, especially on an upper floor.

    I guess it's particularly amazing to me coming from somewhere where seismic activity is much less common. Activity seems much more intense now than it was before, but it's still hard to imagine the earth moving being something that's, I guess, anticipated every few weeks or so. I wonder how frequent it really is? Not for nothing are those bigger buildings built to tolerate earthquakes, that's for sure!

    This probably explains why I noticed recently that a few cameras had changed their angle slightly, too....
    Anyone know a good EQ plugin with a digital UI (i.e., shows the filter/sound waveform graphically) that offers a bandpass filter?
    I've released a new song!

    "Lofi Twilight" is a fusion of a lofi track with vocal synths; I hope you enjoy it!
    For anyone who celebrates, happy Thanksgiving to everyone (a day early)! As I was thinking during Digital Stars before Miku Expo 2023 VR, I'm glad to be part of this community. Even if I never get good at the music thing...the honor is in trying. And the vocal synth community is one of the best places to be together and try for our goals!
    I'm feeling inspired. Why is there still so much of the workday left!?

    If only there were a quick way to somehow get the sounds in my head out before I lose them....
    Is it just me, or do large vehicles in Japan come in a much bigger, or at least different, variety of colors than they do in the US? I'm thinking mostly of things like buses and large/16-wheel trucks.

    In the US, off the top of my head, our 16-wheel trucks mostly have white, red, or black cabs. Every once in awhile, you might get another color, but it seems to be the exception--maybe copper, brown, green? Our buses tend to be simple, too--black, silver, white, red, usually in some combination (provided they're not wrapped for advertising purposes)?

    I saw a webcam video of a Japanese highway recently. I saw things like a bright red bus, a bubblegum pink bus, a sunshine yellow truck, an aquamarine truck, a light blue truck, a dark blue truck, a green truck. They weren't outliers, either--there were plenty of white trucks, but maybe 1/3 to 1/4 or so were a color like that, and that proportion probably held for the buses, as well.

    I don't know the reason for the difference, but it's really refreshing.
    It's depend on country i guess, but in general. Vehicle like Trucks and SUVs are always gonna be less flashy than sports cars and sedans. One of the reason is because Trucks and SUVs or any big vehicles in general have more surface area to cover than sports cars or sedans which mean it's require more paint than small cars and in turn... more expensive to paint and every colors are not equal when it come to price.

    Let's say the manufacturer order a tons of white or black paints so it would be much cheaper and because of fewer option, they can paint a car much faster. The result is more cars leave factory per day.

    Color that paint on cars will deteriorate overtime the black color might just fade out but it's still a black and white color will stay white until it fall off from surface. This is probably why black and white are so popular because it last for a very long time.

    Most colorful trucks or bus has been re-paint to suit their like or.. for commercial purpose in general.
    Transportation vehicles or public uses have specific colors and pattern painting on them because it's easier identify that way.

    If you look at 70-80's cars, the color option are so wild (some cars manufacture even have option to paint it like Jewel beetles) but nowadays, they don't do that anymore. I mean, most workhorse vehicles tend to look bland but i wouldn't mind.
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