Saturno - Tagalog CVVC utau demo

Apr 8, 2018
So in 2020 I decide to take UTAU a bit more seriously. I recorded this VB in June 2020 and got Ryan to oto it.

VB details:
Language: Tagalog (Filipino)
Format: CVVC
Pitches: F3, C4, E4, B4
Voice provider: Chorvaqueen (me!)
Reclist: It's a heavy modification of iZarch's CVVC reclist.


VSQ+Original song by Jekun (Saturno feat. Maika)
OTO config: MangoSiRyan12

Currently drawing the final artwork that will come with the formal release video. (Name will be also revealed in that video)
I'm still deciding on a list of songs to cover as a formal release demo reel as well.
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