1. KAFKA

    After the Rain/夕立ち ft. 不破マリア・マリオ

    New cover I posted recently with a simple PV! I hope you guys like
  2. itporl


    Hello! im looking for a voicer for an utau vb im working on if anyone is interested please pm or contract me at Twitter or my discord! disclaimer - must have recording tools (i know its obvious, but i kept running into people without a mic) - payment through paypal ($) only - comfortable with...
  3. Miwa Kurasaki

    KaiKai Kim and by expansion Kai Kim are not working

    I downloaded the UTAU KaiKai Kim and KaiKai refuses to sing at all. None of her voicebanks uses suffixes and even when trying to use Kai kim he won't sing either. I downloaded the Power and normal append twice and the voice bank has yet to sing but hundreds of others use the voicebank and she sings
  4. D

    BubblyStar's Art Dump

    I posted these on my Deviantart already, but I wanted to post them here :3 I separate characters by engine (because why not, right?) I know. I draw Ruko too much. I'm sorry lol
  5. lazyartes

    does anyone have zurui's cvvcv reclist?

    i need this pack (audio, reclist, etc) for a new voicebank but i can't find it anywhere. utaforum just won't open and it's the only one link (at least as i know and remember) where i can get it. i will be very grateful if someone has it and is ready to share if it's allowed
  6. pearlyboba

    PearlyBoba's covers

    Here I will post my vocaloid covers!
  7. jasmin00

    UTAU 7th Anniversary Cover : Aino Erufu - Eat Me

    My elf daughter Aino Erufu turned seven years old today! ;w; I made this cover as a celebration for her birthday, and I'd love to get feedback! Voicebank download, if someone would like! : Download
  8. pierce

    UTAU : no sound producing & difficulties with troubleshooting

    okay so my problem here is now there is no sound being produced through the voicebank i'm currently using. before you ask, i've been using UTAU for a few months now and when i first got it, i had this problem and i troubleshooted it through changing my locale (not the language) to Japan so it...
  9. tonio stan account™

    Saturno - Tagalog CVVC utau demo

    So in 2020 I decide to take UTAU a bit more seriously. I recorded this VB in June 2020 and got Ryan to oto it. VB details: Language: Tagalog (Filipino) Format: CVVC Pitches: F3, C4, E4, B4 Voice provider: Chorvaqueen (me!) Reclist: It's a heavy modification of iZarch's CVVC reclist. Credits...
  10. jasmin00

    【UTAU x MMD COVER】 「 PONPONPON 」【Kiki Sagawa】+ DL

    Voicebank download : click here Credits in the description of the video! ;v;
  11. airee

    How to use appends?

    So uhh i've been wondering how to use appends. I was reading a few threads and I thought that some UTAUs have appends that are separated into new voicebanks. So I thought is there a way to combine it with a normal voicebank? can it be used on the same UST? or is that any guide for it? p.s...
  12. VAGAO - P

    My VB doesn't work. (Pls help)

    Hi, it's my first serious attempt to make a voicebank. It's name is ザクロ or zakuro. It's CVVC, monopitch. VB download: zakuro Now i found that it doesn't even work. I don't know what's the problem. Can someone check oto? I've payd for this oto, and i don't know why it doesn't work... I used a...
  13. VAGAO - P

    Voicebank DEMO (I need your opinion)

    Hi, it's my first serious attempt to make a voicebank. I didn't post this in "Showcase" because It's not complete, and I need a feedback. It's name is ザクロ or zakuro. It's CVVC, monopitch. Voice is soft and pleasant (or not). I need you opinion about how it sounds, and how it feels to work with...
  14. airee

    How to make UTAU sings clearly?

    So uhh.. How to make the UTAU sing clearly?? I do tuning for my next cover but it didn't spell the consonant?? (It just sounds like a, i, u, e, o) I used Mawarine Shuu's vb and kinda confused cuz sometimes his sounds like whispering(?) but i want his voice to be clear and (kinda) loud.. Do you...
  15. kamonohashi

    【UTAUカバー】Seasonal Feathers (四季折の羽)【Matsudappoine・Matsudappoiyo】

    SC: YT: hope y'all enjoy! :) the specific banks i used are Matsudappoine Flower and ice and Matsudappoiyo Light and Retake Edge
  16. xuu

    【Amano Naoki】Lyra【UTAU Anniversary Cover】

    niconico | soundcloud Amano Naoki HP I thought I'd post this while waiting for the SVR2 voicebanks to be revealed. On the 22nd it was the sixth anniversary of my UTAU, Amano Naoki, so I made this cover to celebrate it. I'm really proud of how it turned out, especially the video. Ron did it in...
  17. poser

    Entirely artificial UTAU voicebank

    i was browsing nico and found this like a sister for defoko!:utaneuta_smile_lili: here is a sample of how she sounds from the creator : i downloaded it and from what i gathered frum google transl8 seems to be an entirely synthesized UTAU bank! shes very cute so far i might use her with...
  18. airee

    How to render / export ?

    So.. i already tuned the UTAU but when i want to export it turns out to sounds like piano.. it doesn't sounds like the singing UTAU at all.. what should i do??
  19. KAFKA


    I released a new cover not too long ago! :0
  20. airee

    Pitch Editor plugin error

    uhm.. hello..! I new to UTAUloids and found some troubles while using the Pitch Editor plugins, each lines of the blue lines (the vertical one) it's too close even i can't see the the notes (the horizontal one).. i'm new to UTAUloids so could you help me?? I really appreciated it if you could...