The Carnival

Mar 6, 2018
A group of four friends decide to go to a carnival - a carnival everyone is talking about, which will only be around for a day.
Once they make it in, the first and youngest asks, "Why did I even come here, I'm afraid of the things here! The clowns, the rides, the vomiting, is it all really worth it?"
The second kid who was slightly older, who was leading the group said "It's exciting because we don't know what we'll see! We should make the most of it all while it's here!"
The older third kid then told the second, "But it all costs money, and I've got none start with! If I ask you for your money, you won't have as much fun!"
And finally, the fourth and oldest kid said,
"Look, what's the point to all this anyways? It'll all be gone tomorrow, and then it'll be a memory, and sooner or later we'll all forget the memory here as well."
Being the oldest and being the wisest, it was decided the fourth kid should take the lead,
and with the majority vote and interest all leaning toward his side, the kids all decided they would leave the carnival early.
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Aug 22, 2018
Interesting story. I really liked the progression of the older (and supposedly wiser) child talking. Almost seems like an old-school fairy tale with a moral to it.


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Apr 8, 2018
I like this story, too. As a question for anyone else reading, who else thinks the first kid is actually the wisest? He/she is the only one we see asking the obvious question that should have been answered by all four before they came--"Do I even want to be here?"

I actually agree with the second kid, provided that he/she has already answered the sorts of questions in the vein of the one asked by the first kid.

Third kid: If you have no money to do anything, then why did you make the effort to come in the first place? Unless you're borrowing for the day from the other three kids?

Fourth kid: Sorry, in my opinion this logic is completely wrong. Who says you'll all forget what happens today? There are surely lots of things that happened only once a long time ago that you still remember and will continue to remember. With this kind of pessimistic philosophy, why should anyone do anything?

But then, despite all that, the kids follow the fourth one, who's been dubbed the wisest. Having made the effort (and paid how ever much?) to go to the carnival, they follow his lead in chucking it and going home. You could argue that if the carnival was really a waste of time, this was actually the wisest thing to do. But that gets back to my counterargument about the POV of the fourth kid.

Maybe the moral is that people tend to get more worldly/cynical as they get older, and it doesn't necessarily mean they're wiser?

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