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  • I was fortunate enough to visit the Vincent Van Gogh museum this afternoon.
    It was in Philadelphia, admittedly the amount of people there made me a bit uncomfortable but that's a minor inconvenience.
    At the end of it I was glad I went though the whole tour. He lived a particulary queer life, it certainly was not easy. I could then lament for a while wondering about his life and legacy. But there isn't enough time for that as of now. I'll probably do more research in time and think on it. Anyway, I'm more than willing to hear what anyone wants to share/add.
    Thank you for reading, though there wasn't exactly an valid reason to post.
    My 39 day trial ended for the Miku v4x, it was interesting, although I didn't use it as much as I probably should have. On that note I can/should try other synths until I buy the real thing, I have synthesizer V(I used it a bit before downloading the trial) already so I'll probably use that but I'm contemplating re-downloading Utau, I'll look into it nevertheless.
    Thanks for reading this brief post.
    FUNERAL DIRECTOR channel description:
    説明:Dark Electro. Cold Synths. Broken Organs. Rituals.
    アーティスト紹介:Dark Electro Music Producer in love with cold synths & broken organs.
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    They have some others too of course. Like, A mark on me, Lady Gaga-Bloody Mary remix, It Was Always You, etc. Anyway an excuse to post something if you didn't know.
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