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  • I got Renri Synth V
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    How does one get her??? I had her like trial version from years ago but didn't know if she got a release or anything after lol
    You have to fill a form of Yamine Renri R2 code and PRAY for the to answer
    I tried with an old mail nothopping to answer but they did

    also... Is not so good at all is just a Port from the VCV vbs to R1, R2 is a port from her R1
    So, I have several headcanons of my VB I never shared because I thought it was childish so since is pride month my headcanons are:

    :prima_ani_lili: : Straight, she is kind and awrious but also Shy so she never willtelm you "I love you in public but she'll show it with actions.

    :tonio_smile_lili: : ?, he is like a robot, doesn't understand how much Loves and human relations works so he could care a lot for someone, and likes the idea of marriage but he doesn't understand how 2 people can love in more than a romatic way

    :sonika_ani_lili: : Bi, she is completely shy and doesn't knoe how to express love to someone without her head turning red and have bloodnose or thinking in the worst scenary possible so she keeps quiet and try to not be center of attention

    :bigal_lili: :Bi, is just a Buffy guy that likes everything because yes and always will show love to you and invade yout personal space just to make fun of you but layer will apologize and try to care you

    :sweetann_lili: :Straight, She is the girlboss, she likes to be the one in charge in the relation and all atention to her, she has a kind side ofc but is like a tsundere that kinda bullies you to show you love and will defends you over any cost. And is linda jealous

    :kyomachi_seika_lili: :seika_lili: : Gay, she is just a clumsy geek girl that don't takes thing to seriously and is kinda crazy and extrovert

    :akane_lili: :kotonoha_akane_lili: : Straight, Straight to gay, she is childish and cherful but that doesnt mean she doesnt care about your feelings, she always try to make people smile and wish to have a date with someone who can love and even marry xp

    :aoi_lili: :kotonoha_aoi_lili: : Bi, she is more serious about all like an emo girl, but just is impossible foe her to show it in public, unlike Prima she is more of "Yes I love you.. don't tell anyone... please..." and then try to create am excuse to leave
    Did you know that Yoshida-Kun should not be seen?


    According to AHS guidelines Yoshida-Kun "MUST NOT" be used for commercial use, this is not a surprice because Seika, Sora and Kiritan neither
    YT/Niconico videos with ads usually does not count so you can do gameplays and stuff

    But Yoshida-Kun Guidelines is noted as a vb thatMUST not be used in sites that can be seen for 3rd party members so, technically you MUST NOT use in public

    Buy it
    Own it
    Don't Show it to anyone

    It this point why still being sold? if you cant do that?...

    I mean, many people still doing videos, covers, originals, gameplays with him because AHS is also not watching or reporting those videos. But whyhis guidelines are like that?

    Yoshida-kun is a character from a well-known (in Japan) franchise called Eagle Talon, he's not an original AHS character. His guidelines are more strict because it'd be like if you bought Hello Kitty as a synth - there's a lot of restrictions based on that character and what you can and can't do in their image/voice.

    Also, those guidelines you mention state it's because he's specifically a product meant for personal use. I.e you use him for your own personal projects that you don't share with anyone. Incredibly niche (which is why he's not popular lol), but that is the intended purpose; some people buy Voiceroids just to have them read things aloud, so it's not like everyone uploads stuff made with it. But yeah, it's not like they're cracking down on it anyway.
    Kotonoha Akane&Aoi for Synth V are the only Kotonoha VB with full comercial use

    Voiceroid+? Needs a license
    Voiceroid2? Needs a license
    AI Voice 1/ENG&CHN/2 ? Needs a license
    Synth V one? Nah man, just do what you want according to the guidelines

    :akane_lili: :kotonoha_akane_lili: :aoi_lili: :kotonoha_aoi_lili:

    Those are not the only ones:Yoshidakun, MinaseKow, Shota&Ai too
    Synth V Pro does any mayor change in Standart vb?
    Or the Pro editor just have changes in AI vb?
    I did configs for kotonohas to sound different from each other

    :akane_lili: :kotonoha_akane_lili: Akane being powerfull and Childish

    :aoi_lili: :kotonoha_aoi_lili: Aoi being mature and calm
    I want to get the KotonoSister but I low key want Gumi as my first Synth V, but Genbu is also good

    :aoi_lili: :kotonoha_aoi_lili: :akane_lili: :kotonoha_akane_lili: :gumi_lili: :genbu_smile_lili:
    Genbu and kotono have lite versions available to try :) aside from that the only thing to keep in mind is gumi is an ai vb and the other two are standard in fairly certain ! No experience with the 3 personally tho
    Serious question:

    Have you ever heard a cover so good of a vocaloid that you keep listening that cover instead of the original?
    Or a so well tunned cover that now you hear the original and think the tuning is kinda flat?

    I like kagamines, but I really hate that Power VB became the Standard ones
    I know Act1 and Act2 were intended to be a little powerfull and then when the appends came out the Power vb became Act3 but I think this limit the range of the voices

    Act 1 and Act2 can sound powerfull but also fit soft musics and sound like Normal voices, power ones just work as power and cant fit very well in soft music because they sound like they are pushing its voice to sound hard

    I wish some day Crypton creates an real Act3 with more normal voice, because among with Luka, they are the only vb without a Normal voice

    Is like remove "Original" vb from Miku package, yeah you have the rest of the appends but you dont have a "Normal" voice to sound "stable"
    Honestly the V4 Kagamines really need cross synth to sound decent and probably could use being xsy’d with their V2s (act2 and appends) to sound better. Their power vbs are good, but they need a “normal” voice.
    I've heard a really good cover of Gakupo whisper after years od haven't heard Gakupo
    Is surpricing how his Native vb has a problem simmilar to Kaito straight vb
    The appends sounds way better than the voicebank that should be a "Normal" voice

    I think even Gakupo power sounds better as a "Normal" gakupo vb more than native one

    Ok, so

    I really don't understand people surpricing about good covers or originals done with V1 or V2 engine, they can sound really realistic and capable of many thing, is just different engine with different work systems. Most of the time people had just seen bad covers.
    I agree whole heartedly as the biggest Sweet Ann fan on earth I also think for v1 in particular it might be a sample size problem for most of the newer fans who don’t know what or how to search for them? I guess v2 nowadays aswell cause I forget how long it’s been since it’s release
    Why does the best voices in Vocaloid and Synth V have the ugliest designs?
    Henny fengyi has litterally such a pretty voice and the design the design honey it’s an f and an e the two best letters of the alphabet and they could have stopped there but no they made the fe blue and coral a color combo from the 2000s heaven /jk
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