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    What Vocaloids do You Consider "Popular"?

    Honestly for Japanese VOCALOIDs it boils down to Cryptonloids, Gumi, Gakupo, IA and maybe flower/Una/Tianyi. A case can probably still be made for Yukari and at a big stretch Iroha too. Miku does indeed transcend VOCALOID and is a league above everyone else. For Chinese VOCALOIDs it's easily...
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    Deep-learning-based CeVIO further in development

    CeVIO CS7 is coming. Whether this is the deep-learning update in full or not I'm unsure. CeVIO will become a 64-bit application, there will be support for Ruby text and splitting/combing accent (?) in Talk, for Song what I *believe* it's saying is that the "voice quality" or gender parameter...
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    Do you think Soundcloud pro is worth it?

    Piapro isn't VOCALOID-exclusive but is mainly aimed at VOCALOID and UTAU from what I can tell, in particular products associated with Crypton. It's good for a VOCALOID fan but I still don't think it works well for more than hosting instrumentals and such. Personally will be moving back to...
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    Deep-learning-based CeVIO further in development

    I think she's likely to be a new flagship character, either alongside or replacing Sasara as the mascot of the software. Wouldn't be surprised if they revamp their sales model and include her like a default DB with CeVIO's new update. Would be cool if she got a Song Voice that represents the...
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    Synthesizer V Discussion Thread

    News of a new Japanese voice is absolutely welcome. Really looking forward to this, and any forthcoming news about SVR2. I would agree that there's a good chance that it's AHS too; perhaps one of the voiceroid characters? Bandai Namco doesn't feel likely since they seem to have a partnership...
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    Miku Expo 2020 Europe

    MikuFiesta is... nice? I feel like I'm being really negative but it just feels like completely the wrong context for the song to be picked as the winner though. Like it's the perfect song for a Mexico/South America tour, but for a Europe tour it feels kinda weird. The English/Dutch/German/French...
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    Medium⁵ Updates/Discussion Thread (Quadimension voices)

    Honestly Xingchen's VOCALOID voicebank isn't all that bad, it's just she sounds really awkward when paired with the other 4 since they're SynthV VBs. Just hoping that her English/Chinese SynthV VBs will be released soon. Speaking of which, I feel like if they push Xingchen English, that might...
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    Medium⁵ Updates/Discussion Thread (Quadimension voices)

    To the US, it seems to be the case. For other countries it's usually quite touch and go (in the UK I have to use an import service). RE: Raising popularity of the Medium5 cast, it's very difficult to do something like that large scale unless you have an active team of people translating and...
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    Eleanor/Genbu/Renri are only free because they're either incomplete (Renri, Genbu) or were a...

    Eleanor/Genbu/Renri are only free because they're either incomplete (Renri, Genbu) or were a test VB (Eleanor). Never a good idea to base prices off them given that AiKO has been out for ages at $60 and the Quadimension Vbs are significantly higher quality. They're basically around the same...
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    Medium⁵ Updates/Discussion Thread (Quadimension voices)

    As far as I know they're actually pretty popular in China, maybe not quite as big as vsinger but most ACG fans seem to know of them to some extent. In Japan I don't think they're that popular simply because SynthV isn't *that* massive there yet and they lack Japanese voicebanks.
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    I see the clowns from Emvoice have come out on parade again. Poor understandability still, inflexible voice and an engine that basically runs like glorified melodyne; and they want $200 for it! Even V5 is a better deal, which it causes me physical pain to say. It actually sends me that they're...
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    As far as I'm aware they're basically the same company? I don't think with Dahee's image that...

    As far as I'm aware they're basically the same company? I don't think with Dahee's image that it's possible for SeeU to see another release regardless of if she's voicing her or not. Better to wait for UNI's contract terms to expire and then make her for SynthV or create a new character.
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    Long story, but basically the old Sharpkey code was lost when Boxstar's HDD failed, so he had to program it from a very basic version all over again (see the editor that comes with Suoyun Rila). Since it changed over to DV he's been gradually working to add them all back again and possibly some...
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    Hatsune Miku Ansatsu Princess - Mitchie M feat. Hatsune Miku

    As always a big fan of his tuning, but as a song this felt really disjointed. Enjoyed the story though. Don't think I'll be listening often since the transitions were just downright disconcerting at times. Chorus absolutely the best part, and the English in it was amazing.
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    Vocaloid merchandise news

    God I love all the Xingchen merch there, especially the shoes... I'd buy a pair but I don't think they go up to my size :c Might have a look at the rest of the merch though, the designs are gorgeous.