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All Official VOCALOID trials (+ some references)

Resource All Official VOCALOID trials (+ some references)

Trials last 14 days unless otherwise specified.
#MEIKO V3 Power (includes Piapro Studio (I think the non-V4X version) DAW required for Piapro Studio (does not come with Studio One) Not sure if she comes with the Tiny VOCALOID3 Editor)

#Hatsune Miku V4X Original (with E.V.E.C.) (includes Piapro Studio V4X Edition) DAW required for Piapro Studio (Studio One not included) (Lasts 39 days)
#Hatsune Miku V4 English (includes Piapro Studio V4X Edition) DAW required for Piapro Studio VSTi (Studio One not included) (Lasts 39 days)
#Megurine Luka V4X Hard (Includes 2 voicebanks, Hard voicebank without E.V.E.C. and Hard voicebank with E.V.E.C. Also includes Piapro Studio V4X Edition; DAW required for Piapro Studio (Studio One not included))
You only need to tell them which trial you want, your email, and a confirmation of your email. Only those three are required.


Gackpo V4 (all voicebanks)
#Megpoid V4 (all voicebanks) (Leads you to this menu)
VOCALOID2 trials come with a demo version of the VOCALOID2 Editor that does not allow you to save projects, but you can export what you create in a project as a WAV file.
~Kaai Yuki
~Hiyama Kiyoteru
~SF-A2 Miki
~Nekomura Iroha

#Yuzuki Yukari
#Tohoku Zunko

#Kaai Yuki
#Hiyama Kiyoteru (Natural and Rock)
#SF-A2 Miki
#Nekomura Iroha (Natural and Soft)
#Yuzuki Yukari (Jun, Lin, and Onn)
#Tohoku Zunko
#Macne Nana V4 (Natural, Petit and English)
#Kizuna Akari

#Haruno Sora
Mayu (Click the “button” which opens up some dialogue, and then click the pink button)
#Xin Hua Japanese
#LUMi (scroll down to where "Member" is and input your email address twice; go to the link in the email they send you, then input Member data (must input in ALL boxes to use the trial))
CeVIO (Lasts 30 days and comes with Satou Sasara (Song and Talk voice), Suzuki Tsudumi, and Takahashi; trial version does not allow exporting)
Chipspeech (Limited demo of Chipspeech)
ALYS (Alter/Ego)
v flower Voice Material (Please click the link next to "お試し版はこちら! →" to download sample Voice Material files)

Please see VOCALOID3 or VOCALOID4 under Crypton Future Media for Piapro Studio trials.
+VOCALOID3: Please note: as far as I know, the Tiny VOCALOID3 Editor should be included with them? (If you’re using Windows, that is.) I'm not sure. However, having a VOCALOID Editor/Piapro Studio will provide a much less limited experience than the Tiny Editor.
-VOCALOID4: Please note: an Editor that supports VOCALOID4 libraries (VOCALOID4 Editor, Piapro Studio V4X Edition, VOCALOID5 Editor, etc) is required for all VOCALOID4 libraries. A trial version of Piapro Studio V4X Edition will work.
#A MAC version is available. (No # indicates that the VOCALOID trial is not supported for Macintosh.)

Note: If you download a trial that includes Piapro Studio, Piapro Studio will only be available for 14 days (or 39 days if specified). You can NOT permanently upgrade your Piapro Studio from VOCALOID3 Mode to Piapro Studio V4X Edition by downloading a trial.

If I missed any or any links are not working, feel free to let me know! This includes trials of other voice synthesis software.

Thank you!

- Move->Forward & RazzyRu
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