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  1. Overcast Immortal

    Only in Memory - Post-Metal ft. Marie Ork, NATA, and Bones

    It's been a rough five months since my last upload, but at least one song is now ready. This one starts out soft and ends hard. There is plenty of screaming in the second half.
  2. uncreepy

    Summary of upcoming projects & controversies for all active vocal synthesizers

    Thread inspired by this tweet: AITalk: The engine behind things like VOICEROID and GynoidTalk, it was announced in September that it is getting a deep-learning update, which will be available in April 2020. Its features include a more human/natural pronunciation and the ability to switch...
  3. Mei-Saime

    Alys x OZZON Collab Announced

    A company called OZZON is using Alys for a collab, her color is dark blue, she got an alternate outfit, and a model/singer/cosplayer named LeChat will be cosplaying as her. Alys will be covering LeChat songs in French and LeChat will cover Alys songs, Alys is becoming a goodwill ambassador. It's...
  4. Overcast Immortal

    続ける/Continue Original Metal ft. Megurine Luka, DEX, Bones, & Marie Ork

    Hello again! 続ける/Continue is my debut song for the Vocaloid and Alter/Ego communities. It features Luka and Bones in lead roles, and Dex and Marie Ork as backups. I wrote it entirely in Japanese, and the lyrics (including an English translation) can be found in the Youtube description. It’s a...