art thread

  1. spiderfriend

    gummidraws (but this time it's under the right category)

    so i figured since i only post my vocalsynth art here anyways i might as well move my art to here, since it's not off topic! so yea heres me new thread :) old thread is, ofc, still up in the off-topic art category
  2. D

    BubblyStar's Art Dump

    I posted these on my Deviantart already, but I wanted to post them here :3 I separate characters by engine (because why not, right?) I know. I draw Ruko too much. I'm sorry lol
  3. spiderfriend


    dont mind me just gonna start my own lil art thread here ^_^
  4. luwo

    Luwo's Lazy Art Thread

    Heyo! I decided to create an art thread to keep my drawings somewhere because I'm trigger-happy with the delete button it might be nice for everyone to see. I don't often finish pieces so I don't really have much to put here other than sketches... Though I'm hoping that I'll stay motivated with...
  5. KizelFox

    In Which KizelFox Tries to Art

    Over the years, I've dabbled on and off in drawing. However, getting into Vocaloid has been an amazing incentive for me to actually start taking art seriously again. I've been drawing vocal synths for almost as long as I've been in the Vocaloid fandom, which is... not very long right now haha...
  6. tonio stan account™

    Chorva's art thread

    Absolutely not a containment thread for Tonio progaganda. I probably draw like 98% singing robot art. :ROFL: Current project: I'm working on a Tonio avatar maker (Tony Maker). Avatars generated using this app are free to use for your covers/originals as long as credit is given. Hoping to...
  7. mochagatari

    Gatari Art Thread

    Heyo~ so I am trying my best to mildly active on here and since there is a place for art posting I thought I'd make my own thread. :> Anything you see here will probably be a mixed bag since I tend to draw a lot of different synths depending on who's on my mind that day, and maybe you'll see...
  8. Soursop

    Soursop's art (& PV) thread

    Hello everyone, i'm Sour Ouo/ This is a thread where i post my Vocaloid and Utau arts (and PVs) To start off, here's an FanPV of happy synthesizer that i just made: it has subtitles! And here's the fullbody ver. click for larger size.