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  1. fadingfebruary

    "Melancholy of A Protagonist Colored Girl" - Overwelcome ft. GUMI (+MV)

    3 months in the making...:gumi_lili: hope it's a fun listen!
  2. HoodyP

    Fiction Getaway feat. Eleanor Forte 【Synthesizer V Original】

    Hey guys! This is my first ever post in this forum! I'm gonna use this forums for help and promoting my originals/cover (using vocal synths obviously). So here is a new original song I've made! It's weird I know and the mixing it's a bit flimsy, but at least I tried my best! P.S. The...
  3. Aia

    Circus-P feat. 5 Vocaloids - Zombie

  4. Aia

    Dex nostraightanswer - Get Wild (feat. DEX)

    I just really love this a lot
  5. VocAddict

    [VoXil feat. Hanami] Lord Night [UTAU Original]

    Dedicated to Avalia. This song has been in the works for nearly a year and I'm glad to share it with you all. It's dedicated to Avalia as she was the one who gave me the strength and motivation to make music. I hope you all enjoy this song. Thanks for listening. Song: VoXil Singer: Hoshino...
  6. CdrSonan

    【Vocaloid Original】Star Guardians - Meteors【Hatsune Miku】

    Hey everyone, I have written this song to create something linked to both Vocaloid and the Star Guardian Universe from the video game League of Legends. I actually completed the song almost two months ago, but I wanted to release it in time with the latest Star Guardian event in the game, which...
  7. fadingfebruary

    [Gumi English] - Streetlight Under The Weird Sky

    I fully intend on having more consistent uploads on my channel from here on out. I make originals with English Vocaloids and UTAUloids~ I hope you enjoy~ ^u^
  8. The Chicken Song but Elsa actually tried.mp3

    The Chicken Song but Elsa actually tried.mp3

    Exactly what the title says. We had, for dinner last night, we had chicken last night. It was frsshly made; it was freshly baked. We put it in our little oven. It was so good we all had seconds. It was super delicious. The chicken thay we ate came from the farm out back. My sister loves our...
  9. Kurenai_Akari

    A Morning Glow (feat. Megurine Luka)

    This is a song I worked on with an acquaintance, Shivashin, on Piapro earlier in the year & had been released back in October of this year. However, the only real place to listen to "Asayake" is on VocaDB.net since the Piapro version isn't public (and is only available through our collab...
  10. elys-p

    I'm allowed to put my music here right

    I made a song last month. I, uh. I really enjoy writing music. Even if this isn't. That good. But anyway, uh. I'm not gonna scream BUY ME MORE JEWELRY but any and all support is appreciated. There's a link to my Bandcamp as well as a Patreon and Ko-Fi in the description hfsjkd But like I...
  11. Chia-P

    Chia-P - Caller ID (feat. Eleanor Forte)【Synthesizer V】

    Chia-P - Caller ID (feat. Eleanor Forte)【Synthesizer V】 I want to make weekly videos. What do you want to see? Tell me in the comments! Eleanor Forte stars as a hopeless romantic, dreamin' for YOU! LYRICS: I was hoping aimlessly Then I saw you on caller ID I said I wasn't quite ready You said...
  12. Party-P


    Description: My first original song using Vocaloid 5! I'm so excited! It wasn't easy making Cyva sing so soft. She's usually quite the power singer, so I hope you enjoy :) Credits: Vocals: CYBERDIVA II Music & Lyrics: Party-P VPR & Tuning: Party-P Artwork: Party-P
  13. Quasar P

    【Vocaloid5 Original】Moonlight Synapse【Chris, Amy, Cyber Songman, Cyber Diva】

    So I'm super proud that I managed to finish all this within 3 days of Vocaloid 5 release. Tho I had to rush some of the vocal tuning and mixing so please don't use this as a measure of V5's quality lolz.
  14. Solbasa

    (Vocaloid Original) Vagabond (Megurine Luka V4 English)

    I've finally finished a song I started working on about a year ago. It's called Vagabond: If you give it a listen, make sure to let me know what you think of it!
  15. Hentai

    Sweet Ann I Fellon Love feat. Sweet Ann (ALA 2014 Song)

    Fuck it, it is 2018, this song deserves to see the light of day. I lost my project files. so I just released the WIP-composition I had unlisted on my YT account as the full release. Originally written in 2014 as part of our "Vocaloid Discovery: Interactive" panel. A love song about Sweet Ann and...
  16. Quasar P

    【Vocaloid Original】Collision【Gumi & Rin English】

    I had a lot of fun making the video for this song, it is the first time using 3D graphics for a PV in such a comprehensive way. :D Supposedly this is a love song in disguise and is using a space theme as an extended metaphor.