female utau

  1. Mei-Saime

    【星屑ゆずこ】买买买 ~中文語【DeepVocalCOVER】+ DV

    Mitchie M's newest song that was premiered at the BiliBili New Year Livestream and I decided to cover it! :> This cover uses the official Chinese lyrics that can be seen in the official video and even official karaoke from him and BiliBili. Also, this comes with the DV file for covers as well...
  2. Mei-Saime

    【星屑ゆずこ】风萤月 【UTAU+DeepVocal中文音源COVER】【原创pv付】

    Happy Chinese New Year! We hope you enjoy the Lunar Year of the rat! This cover uses Yuzuko's Chinese UTAU and DeepVocal voicebanks. This cover also uses the newest UTAU resampler engine released by ameya called doppeltler. At the time I made cover, the latest version was doppeltler002. All...
  3. taciturasa

    Informal Beta for Toujoh Wistaria, VCV "friend" bank to Gahata Meiji

    Has sort of a "cuter", more saccharine sound than Gahata Meiji, probably best suited for the sort of childish, dark songs that one might attribute to MAYU's aesthetic: Later down the line will be Jougasaki Bibi, who has a more tomboy-ish, harder tone than Meiji: Gahata Meiji ENCHANT...
  4. Mei-Saime

    Azure Fragment Project - Crystalia Millennium

    Heyo! It's me! As I worked on my UTAU stuff for a while, I decided to bring forth a sub-project known as Crystalia Millennium. This project is an UTAU project, but with more of building a lore and story around 5 characters. What is Crystalia Millenium Story? The story so far: A world inhabited...
  5. See - UTAU Cover - Kanochi Neko

    See - UTAU Cover - Kanochi Neko

    Hello! This is my first full UTAU cover, with a mixed track, a piece of complementary art, and a lyric video! I'm super excited to finally have this out! Instrumental, Lyrics, Base VSQX and Translation are by Circus-P. Tuning, Mixing, Art and Video art by me!
  6. Mei-Saime

    Yuzuko Hoshikuzu Official Design

    Here is Yuzuko's official design! For those who follow me on BiliBili and Weibo, I did censored it but that censored version is not official. The reference sheet is currently in the making so do look forward to it! Also, beta sign ups end in 14 days!
  7. Essention

    Voicebank Anna Lee Farron || Annaloid [VOICEBANK INFORMATION AND DOWNLOAD]

    {VOICED BY ESSENTION} {ART BY ESSENTION, MADE WITH PIXTON} CHARACTER INFO Name: Anna Lee Farron Online Alias: Annaloid Race: Human Gender: Female Height & Weight: 5'7" | 142 lbs Hair Color: Soft Orange Eye Color: Olive Signature Item: Light Purple Heart (as seen on her shirt) Date of Birth...