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  1. iXari3l

    Voicebank Glucagon - UTAU download

    Glucagon (グルカゴン) is a young male voicebank with an in-built growl configuration, that lets you add growls in the UTAU editor itself. CV, monopitch, with E3~B4 range. VENT built-in Append/growl is triggered with V suffix. Includes 3 breaths, end-breaths, strong and soft R's, different from L's...
  2. Mei-Saime

    【星屑ゆずこ】风萤月 【UTAU+DeepVocal中文音源COVER】【原创pv付】

    Happy Chinese New Year! We hope you enjoy the Lunar Year of the rat! This cover uses Yuzuko's Chinese UTAU and DeepVocal voicebanks. This cover also uses the newest UTAU resampler engine released by ameya called doppeltler. At the time I made cover, the latest version was doppeltler002. All...
  3. Mei-Saime

    Yuzuko Hoshikuzu Official Design

    Here is Yuzuko's official design! For those who follow me on BiliBili and Weibo, I did censored it but that censored version is not official. The reference sheet is currently in the making so do look forward to it! Also, beta sign ups end in 14 days!
  4. Essention

    Voicebank Anna Lee Farron || Annaloid [VOICEBANK INFORMATION AND DOWNLOAD]

    {VOICED BY ESSENTION} {ART BY ESSENTION, MADE WITH PIXTON} CHARACTER INFO Name: Anna Lee Farron Online Alias: Annaloid Race: Human Gender: Female Height & Weight: 5'7" | 142 lbs Hair Color: Soft Orange Eye Color: Olive Signature Item: Light Purple Heart (as seen on her shirt) Date of Birth...
  5. CZloid English VCCV - Parasite

    CZloid English VCCV - Parasite

    VSQX by Pumpkin Head. UST + Tuning by me. Lyrics: Something serious is coming over me Leeches sucking on the inner works of me I'm suffocating on vines wrapping around me Consciousness fading as it starts to take on me
  6. Starlight-Enterprise

    Commission Stars' Multi-Media Commissions

    Okay so I am opening up Commissions on here for anyone who is interested. For terms of Art Trades please know that I will expect payment ASAP. I will let you know when my part of the trade is finished, but will not share until after you have confirmed your part is complete just to make sure...
  7. Neko Kanochi VCV Japanese - See - UTAU WiP

    Neko Kanochi VCV Japanese - See - UTAU WiP

    Used Neko Kanochi VCV Japanese with tn_fnds as resampler. Lyrics: 人込み 君の顔しか見えない 色にも 映画にも 歌にも君の姿 You… 本当は君じゃないとわかっても You… いつもそう見える Romaji: hitogomi kimi no kao shika mienai iro ni mo eiga ni mo uta ni mo kimi no sugata (You...) hontou wa kimi janai to wakatte mo (You...) itsumo sou mieru
  8. Maki Watase VCV Engrish - Retrospectre - UTAU WiP

    Maki Watase VCV Engrish - Retrospectre - UTAU WiP

    Using Maki's VCV MAGMA voicebank. Used moresampler as resampler. Original UST by MystSaphyr. Lyrics: 3 AM, give or take I'm falling wide asleep, fast awake In another night's daydream the mistakes That I made all play out in my head An errant memory unprovoked And it’s embarrassing, I’m...
  9. Fuusenne CVVC Japanese - Apetite of a People Pleaser - UTAU WiP

    Fuusenne CVVC Japanese - Apetite of a People Pleaser - UTAU WiP

    Using Fuusenne's CVVC Japanese voicebank. Used fresamp as resampler. VSQX by Pigeon. Lyrics: Ideas forming out of thin air These indulgences none can compare So many flavors that one would abhor Even though I’ve had enough, I still demand: Give me more!
  10. Cäcilie Kanochi - Samara 1921 - UTAU WiP

    Cäcilie Kanochi - Samara 1921 - UTAU WiP

    Using Cäcile's CV Japanese voicebank. Used TIPS as resampler. Lyrics: The city’s drowning in the vicious, cruel, maddening heat My melting body’s sinking into the streets I repeat The same routine to force myself to move my wavering feet There comes a point when love becomes obsolete And I...
  11. Aiko Kikyuune English - The Faulty Feline Philosophy - UTAU WiP

    Aiko Kikyuune English - The Faulty Feline Philosophy - UTAU WiP

    Short WiP. Used moresampler as resampler. Lyrics: It all began one dark winter morning Back when life seemed so ungodly boring Holding myself back from doing fun stuff Dangers all around
  12. Neko Kanochi English - Poltergeist - UTAU WiP

    Neko Kanochi English - Poltergeist - UTAU WiP

    Short WiP. Used TIPS as resampler. Lyrics: Broken mirrors and shattered hearts I can see you, but can you see me too? Walk along the reflecting shards When it's over I'll take you lower But higher and higher we go Step by step, looking down, feel the vertigo With fragments of odd memories What...
  13. Orpheus

    【UTAUカバ-】Literary Nonsense 【Shin'nosuke Hankyo HORUS】

    This however is a bank that I released not so long ago, a lighter append
  14. Aiko Kikyuune - Kaleidoscope Haze WiP

    Aiko Kikyuune - Kaleidoscope Haze WiP

    Like with Neko, I did practice working with her voicebank before starting a cover with her... but BOY. For Neko I really only needed to copy the examples and write a teeny bit of a UST, but with AIKO... geez, it was nowhere near as simple. :/ Her CVVC is sooooo much harder to understand than...
  15. Neko Kanochi English - 5AM wip

    Neko Kanochi English - 5AM wip

    I probably shouldn't put this up so soon but I was too excited! This is the song I'm going to cover with her officially. The lyrics are: Crows remind me of 5AM When the sky's dull blue And the birds cry red I don't know if I want this to end... Crows remind me of 5AM When your dull blue hue...
  16. Neko Kanochi English Test

    Neko Kanochi English Test

    I wanted to practice using Neko's english before actually making a cover, so I did. I used Project Overdoze's song Kaleidoscope Haze, and the lyrics are, "Just another ordinary day, waking up to see the skies are gray. Guess there's nothing left to say - I hope it all turns out ok." I'm totally...
  17. Mei-Saime

    [晓晖] 涟漪 [中文UTAUDemo#1/Cover]

    Demo song for the Chinese UTAU XiaoHui. Learn more about XiaoHui and the rest of the UTAUs here: mei-saime.wixsite.com/azurevoicestudios/blank-6 YouTube Upload: TBA NicoNico Upload: TBA Bilibili Upload: TBA XiaoHui current VB specs: -6 pitch CVVChinese VB -Vocal Fry and growl to be added...
  18. Mei-Saime

    New Yuzuko Design wipsss

    A new design for my UTAU Yuzuko. This may be her main design (but yet again I say that every time I redesign her oof)
  19. Mei-Saime

    Azure Voice Studio Website + Miyu Demos

    I've made a website for my UTAUs! I do have alot of stuff to work on currently at my end (which is why some picture of the singers are not done yet). But I am doing it at a pace that won't hinder me! Do go check it out! Azurevoicestudios Also, my UTAU Miyu currently has 2 demos so far! I'll...