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  1. sketchesofpayne

    Terms Used to Describe Derivative Works

    Classifications of Derivative Works I've wanted to figure out the terms for different types and styles of derivative works. If you take an original song and change elements of it, what term best describes those changes? I made this table from my best estimation of what those terms would be...
  2. Damare

    PowapowaP - Sky Fish (Damare Remix)

    This is a remix I made as a tribute to Powapowa-P, he passed away on this day 5 years ago. Apologies if it's in the wrong place for remixes, but I assumed it fit best here. (If anyone is wondering, V4X Miku was used) YouTube Link: SoundCloud Link: The art used was made by secret: _(:3/...
  3. BigScreenTV

    SignalP's 10th Anniversary Cendrillon remix using Miku V4 and Kaito V3

    It sounds more orchestral than the original. The re-tuned voices make it sound better but I prefer the original version's instruments. Man Cendrillon is such a throwback song. Edit: I take my comment about the instrumentals back this version is good.
  4. LesManga

    【SeeU V3】 P a n t s u パンツ脱げるもん 【Future Funk Remix】

    SeeU is back, now more liberated than ever, not needing underwear
  5. LesManga

    【Hatsune Miku ENG】Poppy - Let's make A Video【Irony Funk Remix】+ VSQX

    In case you ask, I only discovered about the drama by the time I finished uploading the video to Youtube...it's awkward. anyway, free vsqx
  6. LesManga

    【GUMI】Can't Stand You【Why So Serious Remix】

    AKA CircusP - Can't Stand You Ft. GUMI (LesManga Remix) "Loathe to Self Loathe" - Circus P "Meme to Self Loathe" - Me
  7. LesManga

    If Zucc Were Human Ft. Cyber Songman

    First music post in a while, I almost forgot about posting here. anyways, get Zucc'ed. also it's a cover of BNNY RBBT's 'If Were Human" please find any info on this lost artist if you are interested or spread awareness (will provide VSQs and Instrumental if asked for)