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"Bacterial Contamination" Miku became a VTuber?! (Warning: Kind of spooky)


Apr 9, 2018
For those who don't know, Deino is a 3D artist who has animated some music videos for Vocaloid producers. He's probably best known for animating "Bacterial Contamination" for Kanimiso-P using a character called Calne Ca, but he's used her in other music videos.

It's confusing, but when she's IS cosplaying as Miku, she's called Calne Ca (and has long, straight Miku hair). When she's NOT cosplaying as Miku (such as in the following VTuber videos), she's simply called Ca (and has poofier hair).

Most of the videos are in Japanese, with a few being in English.... like this one:

On Deino's official YouTube channel, it mostly contains music videos (and a few videos advertising Ca's VTuber channel). Ca's VTuber channel is mainly for sharing how they create art and answering questions.

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