1. v3xman

    【Miku】Last Cup of Coffee【VOCALOID Cover】

    Here's my second attempt to cover a lilypichu song. :oliver_lili::miku_lili:
  2. v3xman

    Miku, Oliver and Eleanor R2 - Can't Help Falling in Love

    I mixed all three up in one song so it's easier to hear the difference between Vocaloid3, Vocaloid4 and the new Synth-V. :D
  3. R

    Sachiko / SCREAM 『Original』

    song Richiri lyric 明楽みつる illustration UNF よろしくお願いします https://twitter.com/Richiri_GC
  4. N

    Just installed PiaPro and V4 Miku English trial, have no idea how to open it

    I probably sound very dumb, but I have zero experience with DAWs and I'm really clueless on how to launch PiaPro and Miku. I have GarageBand and Studio One 5 Prime but I'm clueless on how to open PiaPro? Online guides are not helpful, I am really confused and need help. I use a Mac if it makes...


    I have no idea who made this but it's gorgeous.
  6. melobuniiP

    TRIGGER WARNING: Depression EP

    hello bunnies, I'm back! I'm currently working on a Depression EP. Here are the songs thats already published will be on the EP!! In order: [email protected]!N will be remade, in so much pain after hip surgery BrOkEn will be here, mind broke by traumatized surgery Depression: developed depression after...
  7. JadedFox

    Hatsune Miku English - My Darling

    This is a song I made inspired by the 80s anime Urusei Yatsura. It's a weird anime about an alien girl in love with a human boy so the song has a space theme to it.
  8. P

    (VOCALOID ORIGINAL) Restart Chronicle (feat. 初音ミク Hatsune Miku)

    Hi everyone! I just start to make an original vocaloid song, here is my second attempt, hope you love it, enjoy~
  9. Damare

    Damare - Shooting Star [Miku Expo 2021 Song Contest Submission]

    Link: 流れ星 / Shooting Star (Miku Expo 2021 Song Contest Entry) by Damare
  10. Damare

    PowapowaP - Sky Fish (Damare Remix)

    This is a remix I made as a tribute to Powapowa-P, he passed away on this day 5 years ago. Apologies if it's in the wrong place for remixes, but I assumed it fit best here. (If anyone is wondering, V4X Miku was used) YouTube Link: SoundCloud Link: The art used was made by secret: _(:3/...
  11. PigeonP

    VSQ (Miku NT cover and PPSF) The Endless Score - You'll see the Sign, and Realise your Sin (Deadball-P)

    AWW YEEE MIKU! PPSF https://megurineluka.moe/7CyIKGN37X0AYnp8.ppsf Harmonies https://megurineluka.moe/A91pnGX3l0Vx6dfP.ppsf
  12. poser

    Model hatsune miku model test1

    model made by me :-3 any ideas for names?
  13. zenithchaos

    MIKU THETA SC Quick Review

    Hi all, I did a quick review of the MIKU THETA SC camera from Ricoh, check it out if you're interested. I will be adding 360 images into the comments as soon as I can. Initial Thoughts On MIKU THETA SC :)
  14. Daveybear_HTID

    Hatsune Miku "World is Mine" Hip-Hop Mashup by Nakinyko

    I am currently in a state of awe & wonder. This is so beautiful ;-; <333 This guy usually does anime mashups, and then he decided to touch one of Vocaloid's prized possessions and made it even better! -shots fired- That's right! I said it :P But seriously, this guy has something about him. I...
  15. derryck


    Hi guys, So I decided to make an English Miku cover of SPiCa and an MMD PV to go with it, 'cuz why not. Lemme know what you guys think. Thanks for watching! Credit in the description.
  16. uncreepy

    The ultimate showdown: What color is Miku's hair?

    (Note: I tried to triple check if there was a thread like this already on VocaVerse or not and I couldn't find one.) Okay, members of VocaVerse. It is up to you to decide what color Miku's hair TRULY is. Vote in the poll and also describe your decision in the comments in order to help...
  17. Kazumimi

    Oster Project - Distorted Dream and Marionette (Ft. Miku, Rin, Luka, Meiko, and Gumi)

    Well, Oster Project has uploaded a delightful new song! It seems to be perfect compromise between the style of her older songs and her newer songs! (This song captures everything I love about Oster Project, and I love it!)