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Welcome to
:sonika_ani_lili:The appreciation fanclub for the Vocaloid Sonika!:sonika_ani_lili:

-Vocaverse rules in general
-Feel free to self-promote but as always, don't be spammy about it
-Content can include other vocal synths but still must have something to do with Sonika
-Read the "How to join" section before your first post

💿How to Join
-Besides requesting to join, per what the fanclub guideline says about keeping the content going, you also need to attach with it some sort of why you like Sonika, or post something of like fan art, fanfic, songs, covers, etc.
-You're in once I react with a Like.

-PearlStarLight5 (manager)
-Cerāgi <º•

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🎙Featured Songs

🖱Where to Buy the Voicebank
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Cerāgi <º•

Passionate Fan
Dec 5, 2019
Hi! Could I join the fanclub? I love Sonika's sweet and soft, innocent sounding tone and I think she's expressive and versatile! (her taiwanese design is super cute too ;;).
Also, here's an original song I've recently found which I'm in love with (this producer uses Sonika a lot and all of their songs are really great in my opinion, definitely worth a listen)
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