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CeVIO New VoiSona libraries released: LAUGH DiAMOND series by Konami


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Apr 8, 2018
???, New York
From the VoiSona website:
A characteristic point of LAUGH DiAMOND is that creating unit songs comprised of multiple singers, such as duets and trios are made simple.
Each voice retains its uniqueness and blends into a beautiful unison.
Ver1.x series can be tuned to sing like traditional Vocal Synthesizers, while Ver2.x series can be tuned in coordination with the latest AI technology, resulting in a more natural, human-like voice.

The characters are:

Kanon Yamada (V.A. Ibuki Kido, known for Itako Tohoku, Tsumugi Mayumiya in Princess Connect!, Kana Yabuki in The iDOLM@STER Million Live, and Hundreko in Show by Rock!!)

Asahi Kazamatsuri (V.A. Anna Suzuki known for Lemon Kokoa in Waccha PriMagi! and Lilia Saijō in Pole Princess!!

Hibiki Takamura (V.A. Serina Kumazawa former HKT48 member)

Momoka Komurasaki (V.A. Mizuna Shirakawa known for Uta Koizumi in Selection Project)

The Konami website:

Character guidelines:

Pricing per voicebank:
Monthly plan: 880 yen
Yearly plan: 6600 yen
Outright license: 13200 yen

Group Demo:

Edit: added pricing
Edit 2: added Itako Tohoku to Ibuki Kido's known for section
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Apr 8, 2018
HOW DID I MISS THIS (I didn't scroll down far enough to see the actual character profile)

Also I just went through the others and Kanon's profile is the same as Momoka's? To the point it even says Momoka? What in the world? I guess it's probably just some copy-paste error but it broke my brain for a minute sdjfls


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Dec 25, 2022
They are cute! Demos feel a little undercooked but I never have super high expectations for official vocalsynth demos most of the time. I really like Kanon's voice out of all of them! I really need to hear more third party usage of them though, the mixing is really bland in these demos. (I'm like the last person to diss anyone's mixing but still)

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this the first time whe have commercial vocal synths explicitly marketed as an idol unit on release? Like we have various character groups and units but I don't think any of those really count? Groups like "Divinie Diva" and "VanaN'Ice" are unofficial groups formed by producers and most character groups we have aren't really units or weren't marketed as such initially. Medium 5, Vsingers and the Cryptonloids are marketed more as character groups than an idol unit (unless you count the Cryptonloids being designated under the Virtual Singer unit in Project Sekai), Tokyo 6 girls are supposed to be in the same music club together according to their lore but I might be misremembering so don't quote me on that. Virtual Isotope Phenomenom was only formally announced after HARU Cevio was made. Jam Band is more explicitly marketed as a "band" and not an idol unit so I did not include them. Also only Maki has a singing bank so... *shrugs*

Closest thing we have is Zola Project but they weren't neccessarily advertised as an idol unit, but moreso as an all purpose group of male singers for various kinds of music production.

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