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Yokune Ruko Fanclub!

What is your favorite thing about Yokune Ruko?

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Did someone say UTAU?
Jul 7, 2022
the time out corner
:yokuneruko_lili: :ruko_ibis: Welcome to the Yokune Ruko Fanclub! :ruko_ibis: :yokuneruko_lili:
A club dedicated to our beloved Vipperloid, Yokune Ruko.
To avoid having posts of people asking to join, I would like for any newcomers to post something that shows appreciation for the character. It doesn't have to be from this list, but here are some ideas:
- Say something about why Yokune Ruko is special to you
- Post an original song or cover featuring Yokune Ruko
- Post a piece of fanart (your own or one you like) featuring Ruko
- Post a talkloid/comic/written work featuring Ruko

If I respond to your post with a like or a comment, you are in. If I have been inactive for over a month, you may consider yourself part of the club without me replying.
Ibis (duh)
Blingee G
Yokune Ruko has two different voicebanks, Yokune Ruko ♀ and Yokune Ruko ♂ . While they sound very different, they are both very high quality and have a lot of different versions to choose from. Personally, I would recommend Yokune Ruko ♀ "Rainbow color" (There's 7 appends!) and Yokune Ruko ♂ Kire.

Both are available to download for free at Long Sleeper's website:
Here are some Userbars I made for everyone! They're not the greatest quality, but I think they'll do. If anyone wants to make any other userbars, they are free to do so!

Image code: https://vocaverse.network/media/yokune-ruko-fc-userbar-1.1567/full
Gallery Link:

Image code: https://vocaverse.network/media/yokune-ruko-fc-userbar-2.1568/full
Gallery link:

If you're unfamilar with some of their songs, here's a good introduction video I found:
(though it shouldn't be a problem, beware of potentially triggering content)

(Broken english screamo by Hakaine Maiko included)

Thank you @Krin for finding this one and letting me add it to the list!

(General CW for the next couple)
(Flashing lights warning for this one!)
Current Feature:

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Did someone say UTAU?
Jul 7, 2022
the time out corner
I found the cutest MMD today and thought I would share it with everyone! I love finding old MMD videos, but I find that it's really hard to find ones that center solely around Utauloids (especially ones that aren't just Teto, Defoko, and Momo). It's a shame there aren't any translations, but I think you can understand what's happening well enough without them.
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