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    Medium⁵ Updates/Discussion Thread (Quadimension voices)

    Cangqiong — despite needing to return to OP to check how her name's spelled — is my favourite. She has my favourite voicetype of all currently released SynthVs. :cangqiong_lili:
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    Unpopular Opinions

    I think because the wikia is the first place new fans visit after Youtube, the older users are low on patience because they have corrected the same misconceptions too many times. :clara_lili: So I guess my unpopular opinion is that all parts of the fandom have their cons, so to avoid getting...
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    General Discussion Thread

    Anthony Fantano mentioned Vocaloid briefly in his review of the new Anamanaguchi record, which may be of interest to fans:
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    Opinion on xsy and zynaptiq morphing different vocaloids

    People use Vocaloids to voice OCs all the time! There's many songs without Vocaloid characters in the video. It's also not uncommon for Vocaloids to be uncredited, professional producers usually don't mention who they used. However, people are super good at recognising Vocaloids, even when...
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    Project Sekai news and discussion

    Aw nuts, a high-budget Vocadol would have been great.
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    The ideal engloid?

    I would love a voicetype like Caroline Polachek. Mysterious and mature, but not whispery.
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    Stay strong!

    Stay strong!
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    Deep-learning-based CeVIO further in development

    This is sooner than I expected! Chiteico, my life is in your hands buddy :miriam_lili:
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    VocaVerse Sprites by lIlI

    No prob, bob!
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    Favorite Fandom Artists

    Ooh, I have some too: Zain: They're famous for their amazing neon style and super detailed backgrounds. If you know them from Miku English, I strongly recommend checking out their other works. Honnim: Honnim is a Korean illustrator who gives loads of love to obscure Vocaloids, especially those...
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    Vocal Synth Voice Characteristics

    Very cool idea, it's nice to see everyone's thoughts in one place.
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    VocaVerse Sprites by lIlI

    Thanks Xuu! Here's the rest of the Alter/Egos:
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