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Hi! I'm Peaches! I am, in no particular order:

A vocalsynth enthusiast.
A lover of (aged-up) OliLen.
A Haiyi stan.
A Bokujou Monogatari aficionado.
A slut for the colors brown, blush pink, and cerulean.
Perpetually tired.
Patuk’s girlfriend.
  • Vocasongs I'm most likely to sing very poorly at the top of my lungs while doing 70 down a backroad:​
    • Nostalogic (MEIKO-SAN Mix)​
    • GimmexGimme​
    • Seraphim on the Ring​
    • BRING IT ON​
    • Jougen no Tsuki​
  • I Currently Own:
🇯🇵 :len_smile_lili::rin_smile_lIlI::miku_lili::meiko_lili::kaito_smile_lili::gackpo_smile_lili::kiyoteru_lili::luka_lili::gumi_lili::akasakiminato_lili::shirosakiyuudai_lili::iroha_lili::nemu_smile_lili::yaminerenri_lili::kizakiairi_lili::genbu_smile_lili:Saki (who lacks an icon) :rionv4_smile_lili: :vy1_lili::vy2_lili::ken_smile_lili::kaori_lili:*
🇬🇧 :oliver_lili::avanna_lili::tonio_lili::prima_lili::eleanorforte_lili::bigal_smile_lili::sweetann_lili::sonika_lili::cyberdiva_lili::cybersongman_lili::chris_lili::amy_lili: (Native)
.......:len_smile_lili::rin_smile_lIlI::miku_lili::meiko_lili::kaito_smile_lili::luka_lili::gumi_lili: (Non-Native)
🇨🇳 :haiyi_lili_smile::cangqiong_lili::aiko_lili:Muxin (again, no icon)***
🇪🇸 :bruno_lili::clara_lili:

*Specifically: Every version of Rin/Len, from ACT1 to V4X; Miku V2, Append, and V4X; Kaito V3; Meiko V1 and V3; Gakupo 4V Complete; Kiyoteru Rock; Luka V2; Gumi V4 Complete; Iroha V4 Complete; Genbu Gen1 and Gen2; and VY1 II/VY2 II.

**Specifically: Cyber Diva II/Cyber Songman II.

***Specifically: Haiyi and Cangqiong Gen1 and Gen2; and AiKO Gen2.

  • I At One Point Owned But Sold/Gave Them Away (And Want To Buy Them Again):

  • I At One Point Owned But Don't Plan On Repurchasing:

  • I Really, Really Want:

  • It'd Be Cool If I Could Get:

May 18, 1997 (Age: 23)