1. falling-in-love tei.png

    falling-in-love tei.png

    Len better run.
  2. shy shion yowa.png

    shy shion yowa.png

    Or should I say shy-on Yowa? I noticed there wasn't a lot of art of Shion Yowa on here, so I made some! I like Yowa's soft sounding voicebank, and I would love to see them used in more covers!
  3. Haku Sleeping Pixel

    Haku Sleeping Pixel

    I sort of based this off of Owata-P's artwork. I noticed that there wasn't any pixel art for Haku so I decided to make some!
  4. Angry Neru Pixel

    Angry Neru Pixel

    This one is also based off of Owata-P's artwork, though more loosely than the Haku picture. I just thought it would be funny to see Neru get so mad that they threw their phone!I would love for this and the Haku drawing to be medals, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet...
  5. luwo

    Luwo's Lazy Art Thread

    Heyo! I decided to create an art thread to keep my drawings somewhere because I'm trigger-happy with the delete button it might be nice for everyone to see. I don't often finish pieces so I don't really have much to put here other than sketches... Though I'm hoping that I'll stay motivated with...
  6. static-oceans

    Commission Static's commission info!

    Hey all! i thought i'd post here that i have commissions open for all your commissioning needs :0 Rules, art examples and all that can all be found on my twitter: I can draw any type of character, body type etc! So if you need an utau designed or you want art of your oc, or whatever, i'll be...
  7. mochagatari

    Gatari Art Thread

    Heyo~ so I am trying my best to mildly active on here and since there is a place for art posting I thought I'd make my own thread. :> Anything you see here will probably be a mixed bag since I tend to draw a lot of different synths depending on who's on my mind that day, and maybe you'll see...
  8. Caize

    Commission Bust/icon commissions ($10-20)

    I'm also willing to draw bigger things with more discussion about pricing! Any questions are welcome.
  9. Kazumimi

    Commission Kazumi's Illustration Commissions! (OPEN) (Full & half body, Full & Simple Color)

    Status: OPEN Slots open: 3/3 Submission form + Rules/ToS: More examples can be found at any of these links: Vocaverse Art thread | Pixiv | Twitter | My website
  10. Kazumimi

    Artists, What Applications do You Use?

    I'm curious what the different artists on here use for their art. Personally, I like using Paint Tool Sai because it has a nice set of tools and is overall very user-friendly. I also used to use Procreate for iPad, though it doesn't work very well unless you have a good stylus. It has a cool...
  11. Kazumimi

    Favorite Fandom Artists

    Well, first I started a thread asking who everyone's favorite producers are and you all had really interesting responses! Now I want to know: who are some of your favorite artists in this fandom? They don't have to be an illustrator who works with a particular producer. but just any artist in...
  12. Kazumimi

    Kazumi's Illustrations 'n Stuff

    Hiya! I wanted to share some artwork I uploaded to Pixiv a while back. For some reason it won't let me embed the images from Pixiv using the link, so I'll just have to put the links here. These are all a bit older, and I've improved since. I've done more stuff recently, but haven't gotten...
  13. Mei-Saime

    Yuzuko Hoshikuzu Official Design

    Here is Yuzuko's official design! For those who follow me on BiliBili and Weibo, I did censored it but that censored version is not official. The reference sheet is currently in the making so do look forward to it! Also, beta sign ups end in 14 days!
  14. LucianChen

    Commission Halfbody Art Commissions

    Hello! I am currently accepting art commissions for halfbody illustrations. $45 each. Through PayPal. Contact me via Twitter DM, email at [email protected], or through Discord Luce#5288. 5 slots available!
  15. PetitParfait

    PetitParfait's Art

    I recently have been getting back into digital art after years of only doing traditional work. I still have a ways to go to get adjusted to it but I wanted to share what I've accomplished so far ♡
  16. Mei-Saime

    New Yuzuko Design wipsss

    A new design for my UTAU Yuzuko. This may be her main design (but yet again I say that every time I redesign her oof)
  17. Mei-Saime

    Yukari Lin wip

    I'm gonna draw me some VOCALOIDs to imrpove my style and Backgrounds so the first one I'm drawing is Yukari Lin. If you have any suggestions as to what VOCALOID you want me to draw next just leave a comment ^^